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  • Dai Senryaku VII

    Xbox. Has anyone besides myself ever played this? It's a *real* wargame on the Xbox (pretty much the only one), and it's not too bad at that. It has a crapload of scenarios that come with it, and many unlockables through the campaign game.

    I'll say a bit more about it, but I want to see if I'm alone out here. Oh yeah - another plus of this game - when it was brand new, it was only $30 canuck.
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    Yes I have it and I agree that it's a pretty good game. We gave it a pretty positive review in ACG a year ago or so.
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        I forgot this one I was looking at... It has 2 games on the Xbox and its going to have another one on the 360 but I forgot the name of it...

        Its a Medieval Era RTS where you countrol units kinda like Total War but you play a character and lead the units around. I saw a person playing it back at Pensacola but forgot the name of it.
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