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PS4 or X Box?

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  • PS4 or X Box?

    Need some advice. We want to get a console system for our niece's kids.
    Ages 15/16.
    Since there are only about a billion recommendations on the Internet, I thought I'd turn to the resident experts here for advice.

    Must be rugged enough to survive regular use by two ham-fisted boys. So either sturdy or cheap and easy to replace controllers etc.
    Must be resistant to occasional misuse by the pre-school twins.
    Local Internet is pretty slow.

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    I have a PS4 and have logged a lot of time on it. I had an Xbox 360 before it. and of the two I prefer the PS4.

    If you net service is slow, you're screwed in terms of Net gaming no matter which platform you have.
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      They can still play each other and friends come over constantly.
      I also want to make sure they get any needed system updates so the more stable device would be preferable.
      Any metaphor will tear if stretched over too much reality.

      Questions about our site? See the FAQ.


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        New, the X-Box 1 X. Expensive at $499. Powerful, plays the existing X-Box 1 games, but at much higher resolution up to 4K.

        Deceptive advertising given that the newest titles, such as Ark Survival Evolved, are going to look like crap in that resolution. No console is capable of getting anywhere close to 4K resolution on the newest open world games or the epic quality of 1080P. You need a top end PC for that.

        In all fairness, all games will look a lot better given the 40% increase in processing power of the graphic card and additional system ram.

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          I had a ps4 and i gotta say that is pretty much resistant,good game quality and high resolution.The price in my country is about 300 euros,so not to much expensive except the controllers which are very expensive(70 euros). So i suggest you to buy a ps4. Krieger


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            No matter how you put it, Sony is still the leader and Microsoft is trying to copy everything they do. I have both PS3 and PS4 running in the house.

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              I have both. XBox all the way. (We've had both all the way back to the first machines - I've always preferred Xbox).
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                Here's an expert opinion.


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                  Had an Xbox One for a while. The offline game play sucks for the most part. Just picked up a PS4 the other day. So far the hardware and firmware is a lot more crisp. Good thing I kept my Xbox 360 so I could play my favorite classics... The new stuff is garbage. After the Halo 2 days I felt Xbox Live has gone down hill.


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