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Vietcong Game any good on the new consoles?

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  • Vietcong Game any good on the new consoles?

    I was a big fan of Vietcong on the PC and still think it was of the most realistic and accurate Vietnam war games.

    I have a PS3 now as I have not updated my pc for a good few years now, however, I am still a fan of pc's for graphics etc.

    Anywhere I wanted to know has anyone tried playing the PS2 version of Vietcong on a PS3 is it worth giving it a go?

    or this post a waste of time


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    Don't know about that one. There have been several Vietnam based FPS games starting with one using the old Duke Nukem sprite based DOS engine to one with ultra realistic graphics complete with deformable terrain.

    Some, like Battlefield Vietnam, are non linear and allow you to play either side as you command a squad. There are numerous mods available. Others are quite linear and way too unrealistic in their game play even though the graphics are getting extremely realistic.

    Do the web search, view the videos, and read the reviews before buying one.

    Still, nothing beats the keyboard mouse combo for speed and accuracy compared to a game controller. (Although that may change with use of the interactive systems such as Wii, X Box Kinetic, or similar interactive system on the PS3.)
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      Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam is the best vietnam related game on ps3 right now, no question.


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        Unfortunately, I read that the console version of VC was terrible compared to the PC so I steered clear. I have played the Conflict Vietnam(squad based) and Men of Valor(first person shooter) on the xbox both were pretty good for console games.


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          Conflict Vietnam was garbage. All of the Conflict games were.
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