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First Impressions from Killzone 2 on PS3

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  • First Impressions from Killzone 2 on PS3

    I'm starting to get used to using the controller to control the view and movement-this was a big problem the first couple of days.

    My biggest complaint about this game is crowded indoor levels. You have 10 guys stacked up in a small hallway. The point man falls, the one behind him becomes a point man and gets shot, then the next one and so forth. Very limited opportunities to maneuver into a better position. It's a mindless, repetitive slaughter at close range.

    I guess what I need is bigger outdoor levels where the players are more spread out.

    Should I try Call of Duty MW2 perhaps?

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    I loved KZ1, didnt like KZ2 at all, in fact I found it so repetitive I didn't bother to progress past the slums level; it's just another drab brown shooter with chest high walls. I also have no. 3 and will be playing that when I go back home; I hear it's back on good form, so that might be worth a dekko for you. MW2 was a solid and enjoyable single player experience, as was Black Ops.
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