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Ordered My First PS3

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    Yep, depends on how you want to play it... My game was just one big swordfight except for the platforming sections


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      Originally posted by Selous View Post
      Depends on your preferences, I played through Brotherhood like I was Errol Flynn, but you can sneak about if you like
      I didn't realize Errol Flynn was a console player?

      "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
      --Frederick II, King of Prussia


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        There is some stealth in the games but lots of fighting as well.


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          I really like my PS3 because I use it for more than just playing games. I have it setup as a media server. I ripped my whole DVD collection onto an external hard drive and stream all of my movies off of an extra laptop I have. Its nice not having to sort through hard copies of movies when I want to play something.

          Gran Turismo 5 is a great game too.

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            Also it's the most reasonable priced blue ray player out there.


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              The FedEx driver is out for delivery with my PS3! I'm tracking him at Amazon.

              I'm getting excited!

              "Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a ugly brawl."
              --Frederick II, King of Prussia


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                Originally posted by Golani View Post

                DO NOT MISS Red Dead Redemption.

                Also liked L.A Noire but didn't go crazy for it, you should see if it's you're type of game.

                I'd also recommend Dead Island (playing it now) if you're into the zombie theme and SOCOM4 but only if you'll buy the move sharpshooter.
                Damn. That would have been my post nearly word-for-word. Red Dead, L.A. Noire.

                The new Oblivion looks sweet too. For me, the next big thing is Hitman:Absolution. I love the Hitman series.

                But also get on the UFC games. The trainer is cool if you have the Move, and the regular game is the "Madden" of fighting games (so complex many give it up before they really get it right).

                And yeah, the Sharpshooter and SOCOM are a sweet combination.
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