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    Hey folks, my gaming group (okay, okay, at the moment we're down to just two semi-regulars so I suppose technically it should be gaming duo but it can at times swell to five) is on the hunt for additional players. From crushing Commies on the steppes of Russia, splattering zeds in Woodinville, or driving our enemies before us and hearing the lamentations of their women, we do a range of gaming. Mostly light strategy gaming at the moment, although we do enjoy the heavier fare. Just gets harder and harder to relive the '70s (no more monster games set up for months). Additionally, since there's always been a crossover between wargamers and RPGers we're looking for folks to rock some polys with some FRPGs.

    Due to family obligations with small spawn (boo adult responsibility!) we tend to have to play near Marietta. East Cobb is good, as is North Fulton. Can only play on Saturdays, typically bi-weekly or tri (that adulthood rearing its ugly head again).

    If you're interested drop me a line and I can go into more specifics as far as actual games, et cetea.

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