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Axis & Allies War at Sea Fleet Builds

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  • Axis & Allies War at Sea Fleet Builds

    I know theres other forums with this thread, but thought it would be nice to have on e here. Any one got any really good builds to share or strategys?

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    One of my favorite 100 point fleets is:
    Dunkerque x2 (72)
    Arunta 4x (28)
    total 100

    The Dunkerques give you good AA defense, 8 HP with torpedo defense and adequate gunnery. The Aruntas give you excellent ASW defense and more AA defense.

    Really, the faithful 'kerque is one of my favorite units. With spotting bonus it has vitaled several enemy Battle cruisers.

    The only draw back is that it's a little weak against enemy cruisers and has no flag bonus.

    I'm working on a 200 point US fleet right now:
    Missouri (73)
    Atlanta (12)
    San Diegox2 (22)
    Cleveland x2 (32)
    Allen Sumnerx3 (24)
    Fletcher (7)
    Archerfish x2 (30)

    200 total

    The Missouri of course excels at almost everything - guns, armor, AA, TD, etc.
    The Atlantas and San Diegos give you good AA defense.
    The Clevelands are cruiser-killers.
    The Sumners are both sub-hunters and smoke-screens.
    The archerfish will let you go after any enemy carriers on turn 2.

    It's slightly weak on cruiser defense and torpedo attacks - a japanese long-lance rush could cause problems.

    Another popular one is "Kondors over Dakota" which I have never fielded nor fought:

    Kondors x 7
    U510 x 6
    Bf109 x 4
    Graf Zepplin x 2
    Zara x 1
    Hipper x 1

    Obivously, it focuses mainly on the U-boat, wolfpack, pinpointer combo.


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      As soon as I get off work I will post my U.S. build which is still being tested out. The biggest problem I have is the Japs long lances. I have a few sub hunters but if theres battleships lumbering around they stand no chance in hell. I like using airpower but for that to be effective you eat up a lot of points that could be spent on pure firepower.


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