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    I have several of the Axis and Allies naval models, but i hate the rules. What is the best naval warfare game out there. I even thought about using the rules from Battle Fleet Gothic and changing the some. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Enjoy But be prepared to shell out $$$
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      Ironclads by Yaquinto

      I think it is the best, followed by Wooden Ships & Iron Men, also Bismarc.


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        Best? It all depends on what you value.

        I'm not a WWII naval minis expert, but in running some traps I found this site seems to have a decent offering:

        The only one I've heard of is Victory at Sea, and that only in passing. Can't comment on any of the game systems themselves, but they look like a good place to start.

        If you're really interested and can't find any help, LMK and I'll run some traps. I know people who will know the right people to ask.
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          I like these for up to WW 2 (if you have limited aircraft):

          Not only are they fun but the results are reasonably accurate, depend more on player skill than rules lawyering, can be mastered by cheese eating high school students in about 20 minutes and, best of all, can be played while drinking beer and watching sports on TV!

          What could be better?! What a set of rules!


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