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Seeking Veteran Playtesters

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  • Seeking Veteran Playtesters

    How to Make War (HMW) is a platoon level simulation of tactical mechanized combined arms combat from WWII to the near future including both historical and hypothetical conflicts.
    If you are:
    • an experienced wargamer,
    • a military veteran, and
    • interested in playtesting HMW.

    You may qualify as a playtest subscriber. I will send you a copy of each introductory module to playtest and provide feedback and direction.

    Please contact me.

    We're also looking for module developers. If you have a passion for a battle or small war and would like to create the corresponding HMW module, please contact me.

    For more information:

    I can be reached at [email protected].

    If you are otherwise interested, all required components can be downloaded from this website.

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