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  • Huzzah! 2010 ASL AAR


    Actions in the Area of Operation for last 48 hours Zulu:
    [Winner] VS [Non-winner] in [Scenario #]
    Whit Richardson VS Gabriel Landowski in #42
    Robert Kedge VS Allen Dickson in #DB025
    Russell Hopley VS Adrian Benson in #1
    Robert Kedge VS Ted Wilcox in #AP54
    Mike Kamp VS Keith Hill in #J23
    Stephen Johns VS Tim Kelly in #W01
    Robert Kedge VS Ted Wilcox in #DBFT73
    Tim Kelly VS Russell Hopley in #RB-3
    Stephen Johns VS Ted Wilcox in #J115
    Robert Kedge VS Gabriel Landowski #J98

    Recipients of Material Support:
    FROM Le Franc Tireur
    ITEM St Nazaire: Operation Chariot AWARDED TO Robert Kedge
    ITEM From The Cellar Pack 2 AWARDED TO Rusel Hopley
    ITEM From The Cellar Pack 4 AWARDED TO Keith Hill
    ITEM Le Franc Tireur #11 AWARDED TO Whit Richardson
    ITEM Le Franc Tireur #12 AWARDED TO Adrian Benson

    FROM Bounding Fire
    ITEM "Into the Rubble" AWARDED TO Tim Kelly

    FROM Bunker Hill Games
    ITEM Winner's Choice AWARDED TO Ted Wilcox

    Analysis and Lessons learned:
    The "bunker" concept worked for this year, although with our excellent turn out (12 ASLers plus 2 board gamers; we hoped for 8 and expected 4) Huzzah! 2011 staff is very receptive to the idea of assigning us half of the overflow room in the future. This means we would have sufficient space for at least eight games and one mega game which could be run for the whole weekend (an idea floated by Kedge and Tim Kelly). This would also mean better cross pollenation with the regular mini-gaming crowd as we came across numerous players with an interest in ASL or desire to learn/play. my massive manly camo net stands ready to dress the scene.

    A huge thanks to those who donated prizes - I was glad to see them all go to good homes and managed to not hog anything for myself! As always I extend my thanks for those with the knowledge who gladly assisted us still learning the game. I look forward to next year and hope more of the regular crowd can attend!

    Those with observations please share so that we might better any future operations!

    Cheers & Thanks

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