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Ideology: War on Terror House Rules

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  • Ideology: War on Terror House Rules

    Those of you who play Ideology know it's kind of hard to nail down a time line for when the game takes place as the rivals are taken from throughout the 20th Century - often in an anachronistic competition. My friends and I have been designing house rules to give the game a specific era flavor. Our first project was War on Terror.

    War on Terror House Rules

    Special Setup Rule - Global Economy: Each player must exchange one home economy card with another player at setup. America must exchange two economy cards and one must be with China.

    Hot Zones - Use only the following nation cards for neutrals: All Middle Eastern and North African cards, Indonesia, Korea, and India.

    All starting nations except America start at Level 3 and can expand to 6.

    The following nations are starting nations and use the ideology rules given:

    America - Capitalism

    Special Rules - Preemptive Strategy: America ignores the Isolationism rule.

    Unilateralism: When expanding cultural influence in the foreign phase America must expend one extra culture card.

    America begins with Technological Superiority advancement instead of Innovation.

    America starts at level 4 instead of 3.

    Russia - Imperialism

    No Special Rules

    China - Communism

    Export Powerhouse: China ignores the Iron Curtain Rule.

    Israel - Facism

    Note - This ideology selection was not chosen out of our opinion for Israeli foreign policy, but rather because we felt the Facist player's military advantages and cultural disadvantages most emulated Israel's strategic place in the Middle East.

    Iran - Islamic Fundamentalism

    No Special Rules

    If we have any players of Ideology here, let me know what you think!
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