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Running Tabletop RPG War Campaigns

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  • Running Tabletop RPG War Campaigns

    Hi, I like running tabletop RPG War Campaigns. I can't find any thread specific to this particular interest so I decided to start one.

    First thing I can say about such War Campaigns is that they are really hard. They are hard enough that I don't like having too much fantasy or magic in them. I'm running things with ancient and medieval demographics and economics and I can end up spending 10 hours a week researching more than being able to play. Sometimes its gets so bad that I push games to far in the future, I have to wait another year for an opportunity to play.

    I've run a few Mass Combat or War campaigns using DnD 3.5 at epic levels and GURPS. Right now I've settled on gurps because of the wealth of historical material and realism the system favors.

    I found GURPS mass combat, Low Tech 3e, Historical Setting Books, Historical simulation articles in Pyramid, martial arts, mysteries (one of the best RPG organization and preparation), and high tech to be very useful lately. It has simplified a lot of problems I've encountered before, but I still have a long way to go.

    Right now, I've found time to read up most of my history books again and finished some management and economic classes to get some basic playable concepts on paper.

    My current and long term problem civilizations and their economics. Specifically working in bridging a way for PCs to move from Company Level encounters to eventually working with armies.

    I find the economies of War important. It helps predetermine the finite resources of the sates and organizations. It is a medium of communication between opposition and the players. Such a set up allows players to use their inductive and deductive abilities to play against the opposing force.

    I know its top heavy but If i have my game theory right, it pretty much plays it self once such thing are set up right.

    Anyway, i hope to hear the input and the challenges others have had in trying to run War Campaigns. Any successful methods or good historical sources is most happily exchanged.


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