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PC Table tops?

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  • PC Table tops?

    So I tried Risk. It was dull. I tried Close Combat. It was... weird. I think the controls weren't working right on my netbook. Will try on my PC later.

    How about table top games (cards, dice, etc.) for PC/iPod interfaces? Anyone know of any?

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    I guess you are new to the gaming scene?

    Ok in gaming, there really is no actual limits for the most part, just depends on what the player considers 'good'.

    Close Combat for instance, well you might regard it as 'weird', but considering it has one of the strongest followings in all of wargaming you might find it hard to get support for the idea of it not being great

    Some think 3d is everything, some think 2d is enough.

    The 3d crowd utterly worship the Combat Mission game.

    But some of us simply refuse to give up on board games and games that look like board games.
    From games like TOAW III which looks like danged near every board game wargame ever made, to designs like Computer War in Europe which is essentially a direct emulation of the actual board game of the same name (but they never made an AI for it as it is considered a human vs human only design).

    And then there is VASSAL a program meant to actually play actual board games via your computer vs another person on a computer also playing their copy of the same board game.

    As for conventional parlour games like Chess, well you can find those for PC and hand held devices rather easily. The Nintendo DS has countless numbers of examples.

    Consoles though are not exactly the domain of old fashioned board game looking strategy designs.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.


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