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    In February 2008 Slitherine and Osprey Publishing launched a new Wargaming rules set for playing ancient and medieval battles that took the gaming world by storm. On forums and at events interest was immense and first year sales exceeded all expectations. Now Slitherine are pleased to announce that development has already begun on two new periods in the Field of Glory series that should prove equally exciting for the wargaming community.

    Field of Glory Renaissance Wars and Field of Glory Napoleonic Wars are being developed to the same stringent criteria as Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval by a team of wargaming experts including many of the original writers of the previous volume. They will have the same combination of challenging, but not overwhelming complexity and exciting playability as well as retaining the same high production values as before.

    Field of Glory Renaissance Wars is being designed to allow players to concentrate on realistic deployments and battlefield tactics of the early modern era capturing the atmosphere of battles ranging from the Italian Wars of the early sixteenth century through to the conflicts of the standing armies at the end of the seventeenth century, not only in Europe but around the world. The rules will bring to the tabletop exciting battles of massed pike, flaming arqebus’s and armoured cavalry charges as gunpowder slowly superseded lance and sword.

    Field of Glory – The Napoleonic Wars enters the ever-popular Napoleonic era as a game designed to accurately reflect the reality of conflict in an age of colourful uniforms, muddy battlefields, volleys of musketry, cannon barrages and bloody cavalry charges. It covers a broad period from the beginning of the 1st Coalition against the French revolutionary armies in 1792, and ending with the 7th coalition and the final defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815.

    JD McNeil, Director of Slitherine commented:

    “Field of Glory: Ancient and Medieval has been a tremendous success that has re-invigorated the wargaming community playing this period. I am convinced that the same combination of wargaming expertise, enthusiasm and commitment coupled with the professionalism and high production values of Osprey Publishing should ensure a similar level of success for these two new products. We have a lot of work to do before launch but I’m looking forward to it!”
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    This is a very good set of rules. The rule book is extremely colorful and well laid out.

    Many people on the net are saying this could be the replacement for DBA/DBM.

    With the support of Osprey I think this will be a winner. I have played this several times with my gaming group and it is fun game.


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      Slitherine and miniature worldmaker announce wargames terrain release

      Miniature World Maker is pleased to announce the release of the new Field of Glory range of terrain.

      This range has been specifically designed to Field of Glory requirements, and includes the new 'Multi-purpose' terrain, incorporating base mats plus removable terrain. These can be used to define a wide variety of terrain features on the table top.

      The new range covers each type of terrain listed in the Field of Glory rule book, and includes dense woodlands, sea and coastline sections, marshes, hills, fields, gullies and much more.

      All information can be found at:
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