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78th STURM Division Command Bunker

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  • 78th STURM Division Command Bunker

    Achtung!! My fearless Sturm Division soldiers, we have been through this since the beginning, remember the first time we broke through the Russians when we invaded and almost made it to Moscow?? They fell before us like wheat to the German scythe, and we distinguished ourselves during the Kursk Operation, and now the fatherland has called us once a again to man the Panther line in the city of Orsha.

    We will stop them here, the railhead is just to vital to our center of gravity, you do want to eat and have some ammo and gas to fuel the machines you crew, right??!!
    The German High Command thinks the red hammer will fall somewhere else, but let me ask you this, why would they put or Sturm Division here, just by chance?? I don't think so, we need to be alert for any probing attack, they did'nt hand us all of those reserves for nothing, and all that new equipment as well!!

    That is all for now, go and strenghten those trench lines, I've got an odd itch that we will be in them soon enough, and in heavy combat!!!


    The main map with the German platoons in position and ready to go

    Another pic from the side

    A frontal view from the Russian perspective

    Cheers, the German High Command asks that you hold off on any questions until I get the rest of the pics up, as well as the info.

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    German board 3 platoon pic and info

    German board 3 pic with colored lines for each squad that is in a specific platoon.

    The BLACK LINE desinates a StuG Platoon, consisting of 3 StuG G's, there are also Begleit tank riders, but the Germans need to deside if they want them on the StuGs, or a separate infrantry Platoon. To be decided before the game starts.

    StuG basic stats

    - Basic movement is 12 inchs per turn.
    - Rate of fire is 2 if it did'nt move in a turn, 1 shot if it does.
    - Range is 32 inchs for the main gun, 16 for the hull MG.
    - rated as having protected ammo, so it gets to reroll any failed attemps to jump back in their bailed out StuG.

    I'll skip the specific armour ratings, firepower and AT stats until we get into the game as needed for those who want to know.

    The RED LINE is designated for the StuG Infrantry HQ Commander and 2nd in command, just two stands, but very critical, The Co Commander makes the Co morale roll IF the Company it commands gets BELOW half strength to Platoons KIA or ran from the battle.
    The 2nd in command can't do that, but he can take over a leaderless Platoon.

    The LIGHT BLUE LINE designates the 1st Combat Platoon of the StuG infrantry Company. 6 infrantry stands armed with some of the new MG42 Light Machine Gun, AND each team also have Panzerfausts, expensive, but what a punch!!
    The Commander of the Platoon has a SMG and also a Panzerfaust.

    StuG Infrantry basic stats

    - Basic movement is 6 inchs per turn
    - Rate of fire for them is 3, if stationary 1, when using the Panzerfaust, it is a 1 shot.
    - Range for basic fire is 16 inchs, for the Faust it has a 4 inch range.
    - The Platoon Commanders SMG has a 4 inch range and can fire 3 shots moving or standing still, the Panzerfaust is the same as the platoon above.

    The GREEN LINE indicates a Heavy Mortar Platoon of 4 tubes, 1 commander and two spotters, 1 of which is spray circled in green, the other one is in the other German board.

    - Basic movement is 4 inchs per turn.
    - Rate of fire is one barrage per turn.
    - Range is 56 inchs for a mortar barrage.

    The BROWN LINE indicates a 2 gun 7.5 PaK AT gun Platoon with a missing commander (I just noticed that, and it will be there when the game begins) spray circled in brown.

    - Basic movement is 2 inchs.
    - Rate of fire is 2 per turn if it did'nt move and 1 if it did.
    - Range is 32 inchs.

    The LIGHT BLUE LINE indicates the 2nd StuG Infrantry combat Platoon, the same stats as the 1st combat platoon. BUT it has 3 HMGs attached to it as well, 1 is in the HMG bunker, and the other two are in the trenchs.

    - Basic movement for HMGs is 6 inchs.
    - Rate of fire when it did'nt move is 6 shots, NONE if that specific HMG squad moved.
    - Range is 24 inchs.

    The GREYISH LINE designates part of another HMG platoon, the other half is on the next board over.

    Stats same as above for these two squads.

    The PINK LINE designates an observer for the 15cm Arty battery in the next German board section.

    The PURPLE LINE designates an 88 Anti-Aircraft Platoon now employed as an AT defense, 2 guns and a commander right in the middle of the minefield!!

    - Basic movement is none for the guns and 6 inchs for their commander.
    - Rate of fire is 2 per turn, unless they have extra crew members......
    Range is 40 inchs, very nice!!!

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      The German team does'nt really have to worry to much about a lot of this as to colors and what is linked to what. BUT it gives you a basic understanding of what will go on and what is linked to a specific Platoon with any moves and fire orders!!

      Cheers, you guys just tell me who to move (if any) and what to shoot at and I'll do that, then roll the results and take a pic after that turns action is done per your orders.

      Very simple for you guys, trust me!!!

      And a few more "clean" pic from the German perspective

      And one from the Russian point of view

      Now onto the second board of the Germans and their troops.

      No posting yet please

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        German board 4 pics and info

        German board 4 pic with colored lines to link squads in specific Platoons

        The RED SPRAY CIRCLE designates the HQ Commander StuG for the 2nd German Company, 1 StuH 42 with a 10.5 gun and hull MG. with all the same stats as the basic StuG excpt for a little more firepower and less armour piearcing capabilty.

        The BLACK LINE designates a heavy Arty gun Platoon, 15cm ones at that!! The thing is though, as you noticed is that I had to use two of the 10.5 arty guns because they don't come out with that model until Jan of 09, sorry guys!! And the two that are shown are actually objective markers in FoW for Bagration Companies....

        A 4 gun battery with a Commander, 1 staff team to repeat bombardments and 2 observers, one is sprayed in a black circle and the other one is in German board 3.

        - Rate of movement none.
        - Rate of fire for an arty barrage is 1 per turn, direct fire per gun is 1 as well.
        - Range of a bombardment is 80 inchs, direct fire is 24 inchs.

        The DARK PURPLE LINE designates the rest of the HMG Platoon from German board 3. Two HMGs and the commander are on this side.

        The same stats as on the other German board are the same.

        The PINK LINE designates the 2nd StuG combat Platoon, 3 StuG G's again in this Platoon

        And it has the same stats as the 1st StuG Platoon in the other board.

        The BlUE LINE designates the third and final StuG Infrantry Platoon and just like the 2nd Platoon on the other side of the battlefield, it has 2 HMGs attached to it and the same weapons, MGs and Panzerfausts.

        The stats are the same as the first StuG Platoon and the 2nd for the HMGs.

        The GREEN SPRAY CIRCLE designates the other German Heavy Mortar spotter in from the other side of the table.

        The YELLOW LINE AND CIRCLE SPRAY designates a commander of the right hand gun bunker housing a single 88 gun.

        The same stats apply as to the other 88's on the German board 3 area, except it gets a way better save in the bunker, at least from some guns.....

        Here is another "clean" pic from the Russian perspective

        Then one from the side

        Cheers from the German High Command, there are reserves to be PMed to you guys when everyone gets together, and deciding about the tank riders as well.

        I'll start the Russian sub-thread Thursday, this took longer than I thought....

        And again, please no posting until I get BOTH sub-threads up and running, but I work on Thursday, so keep that in mind.

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          Sturm Grenadiers of the Third Reich

          Questions can now be posted on this thread only for anything you are wondering about. A couple more main thread pics, then I'll take some questions here and on the Russian sub-thread, PM the reserves for both, then put the final pics in on objective placement and away we go.

          Cheers, almost time for work though for me.......



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            The German High Command

            knows that the Russians wil get the first turn here, but be ready for your side of the turn as well!! That Prelim Arty bombardment can play merry havock with your platoons, so stay sharp Sturm Grenadiers!!

            Lets have a German roll call here, so Outrider, Ace General and Air challanged please post that you have read through the three threads and are ready to go in a while.

            Next you guys might want to post here as well your times, days/nights that you might be hangin' here on the ACG site for the game or just in general. That way you can figure out what the other players want to do with the German Platoons in movement and shooting orderswhen everyone is heresometimes.
            And if your times here just don't work with each other, just post your thought on what the Germans should do HERE, or pm /E-Mail them as needed. Just remember that Russian sappers may look into the thread, so any talk of turns farther away that the one we are in then is'nt the best thing to do.......

            Then with 3 German players, you can divy up each Platoon to each player to take care of, or set up an overall commander who will take opinions from the others as to the German Companies, if you guys want.

            I would like to have 1 FULL TURN done EACH WEEK if possible, but that's up to you guys, I'm pretty easy going here on this. BUT if one of you happen to be called awy for more than a week or so, please let the other players on your team know, as well as me before you head out, thanks!!

            Now, what the Germans need to start thinking about is do you guys want your tank riders on your tanks (StuGs) or somewhere else..... I'll PM the specifics to you soon.

            Next up start thinking on how you might go about defeating the Russians before they hit your trench line, maybe a counter attack.... play it safe and let them come to you maybe... Or a bit of both??

            Cheers, if anyone has any questions or problems, just post here or PM me as needed and I'll do my best to get things worked out for ya!!



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              I'm here Tom. All I can say is "Holy Crap! Lots of Russians"...more for the slaughter.

              "We Will Stay Here, If We Must All Go to Hell Together"
              -Col. John R. Cooke, 27th NC

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                I'm here as well. Yeah, the numbers are a concern, but we should be able to cut them down in significant fashion Team, I work Monday through Friday and can check in three or four times a week not counting weekends. I'm going to be spending some time this weekend checking out all of these pics and make sure I understand everything. If anyone has any ideas right off the bat, please feel free to post. I'm new at this game, so bouncing things back and forth works for me. By the way, hello AC, let's hook up and throw back the communist swine
                "Only the dead have seen the end of war"...Plato


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                  Another you want to assign units or a majority rules consensus? I'm new at this, so I would prefer a consensus, but am open to assigning forces.
                  "Only the dead have seen the end of war"...Plato


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                    Originally posted by Outrider View Post
                    Another you want to assign units or a majority rules consensus? I'm new at this, so I would prefer a consensus, but am open to assigning forces.
                    Yeah general consensus works best. Then it is easier to coordinate attacks and what not.
                    "We Will Stay Here, If We Must All Go to Hell Together"
                    -Col. John R. Cooke, 27th NC

                    Avatar: My Grandfather on the right. His twin on the left. Their older brother in the middle. In their Navy Blues


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                      Thanks for taking the roll call guys

                      Now we just need Ace General here to post up that he is ready to go, and the Germans are all set to start. Except that StuG tank rider question I need a reply to before we start the game on Monday night.

                      Cheers, plus you guys get the benefit of watching how the Russians post and the results of their movement and shots fired. So you can get a good deal of basic info on what to do on your part of the turn.

                      German High Command


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                        What do you think AC, tank riders or not?
                        "Only the dead have seen the end of war"...Plato


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                          Sturn Grenadiers

                          I just remembered that on the right hand side German board 4, there is also a HMG gun along with the 88 gun IN THAT BUNKER, sorry for the slip here on this!!


                          German High Command.

                          Feel free to also post questions here on your units as well as thoughts about your side of turn 1.

                          No Ace General here yet, so I suspect your team will only have 2 players for the Germans when we start, hope I'm wrong though....



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                            Originally posted by Outrider View Post
                            What do you think AC, tank riders or not?
                            I replied to your pm about this
                            "We Will Stay Here, If We Must All Go to Hell Together"
                            -Col. John R. Cooke, 27th NC

                            Avatar: My Grandfather on the right. His twin on the left. Their older brother in the middle. In their Navy Blues


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                              And the verdict is??

                              In a nut shell, IF you have your tank riders on your StuGs, and they get hit by the pre-turn 1 Russian Arty bombardment (or any other "hit" taken in the game, as long as the tank rider squad is still on the StuG and not dismounted), the tank riders will take the hit, not the StuGs, make sense guys??

                              If you do that "other thing" then you have something extra that you can bring on the battlefield from reserves, which you just may need. I can hold off on the final verdict until Tuesday if you guys want, so you can check your reserves out, that may also help you guys out a bit more.


                              German High Comand


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