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Recon in Force, a Bagration FoW game

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  • German fire results

    Here the 88s manage to kill one of the light assault guns, and bail another, even through the smoke!!

    Next the Stugs fire their MGs at the Penal infrantry platoon, 9 shots and only 3 hits to be exact, WOW, a lot of 1s and 2s there for dice rolls!!! All 3 infrantry teams save, not so good.... The StuGs them move forward and assault!!

    Cheers, the last assault next, this will decide the game, just so you know....

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    • The FINAL assault!!!

      The Germans get one kill out of three dice rolls for their assault phase, the Russian Komissar gets crushed under one of the assault guns tank treads!! Not good if they need to "remotivate" the few remaining troops for a failed morale check.....

      Next the Russians pass their motivation check for tank yerror and to assault back, needing a 2+ for each is no problem. 2 hits are made, one saves by its top armour, but the second Stug is bailed out!!

      Then the German make their morale check to reassault again as well, 1 hit and auto kill this time, only 3 Russian penal infrantry stands left!!!

      The Russians make their morale checks again and assault agian on the remaining Stugs. 3 hits are made this time, 3 top armour saves, but the bailed out StuG fails its motivation (since it did take a hit, it needed an extra morale check to stay in, somewhat ,n the fight) and so destroyed

      The Germans regroup and check their morale to assault the very tough Russians again, they need a 4+ to go on, but end up getting a 2.

      To "save the day (battle) the StuG Company Commander rerolls the motivation to assault and gets....... a 3. So they fail to rally with 2 tries and take off from only 3 remaining Russan troops, who are now in control of the 1st objective!!!. BUT can they pass their final morale check after the assault to stay on top of the objective??

      The dice roll is a ....5 so they stay, the remaining Stugs pass as well, but are out of the 4 inch contesting range of the objective, so we have here after all this time.....

      A Russian Minor Victory!!!

      The Germans still hold the second objective, the broken down Russian horse and cart.
      But the Russians secure the abandoned Divisional Commanders Panzer III, and find the inner defense plans for the ton of Orsha!!

      Great game Tim and Mark and thanks for sticking around to finish this long (but fun and interesting to you guys, and other viewers). It could have gone either way and you both put a lot of thought and effort behind those orders of yours throughout the whole game, my compliments gents for a job well done indeed!!

      Feel free to post some comments if you want on anything, from the game itself to your "enemy"here. I'll put some in Sunday for both of you Mark and Tim.

      Thanks again for playing.

      Cheers, until the next game guys, good luck on all your gaming.


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      • Thanks and Many Thanks

        Originally posted by TRDG View Post
        A Russian Minor Victory!!!
        A couple more "victories" like this, and I think we can safely cede Moscow to the Germans.

        Anyway, I certainly didn't expect this. I got some VERY lucky die rolls at the end.

        Tom: Thanks a million for taking the time to run the game. I had a lot of fun. It takes an ungodly amount of time and energy to pull this thing off. You're a stud.

        Mark: I hope this increased your enthusiasm for FOW. And I REALLY appreciate your sportsmanship and perseverance. If we ever meet in real life, the first one's on me.

        Take care, guys.

        "I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. I just kiss. I don't even wait. You can do anything... Grab them by the [redacted]. You can do anything."
        -The President of the United States of America.


        • Thanks Tim

          The thing is in the real Bagration campaign, the Russians could afford to lose as many (and they did!). While the Germans could not make good their losses, as well as being over run in a few days for the most part.

          A long game it was but fun for me as well, not as much manuever as I'd like, but I set the map....

          Cheers, anything else about the specifics in the game? Those 2+ motivation checks is what saved the day in the end, plus some good strats form you as well!!



          • Kevin23

            Here was one of the three main threads in my Flames of War game on Bagration. Once I get a few more games wrapped up that I am running, I'll probably do another one here sometime this year.




            • Last of the old threrads, promise!@!

              The main thread where you can see all the action besides the other two command bunker threads buddy!!

              Cheers, see what I mean, can be fun though if time consuming!!



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