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Recon in Force, a Bagration FoW game

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  • Recon in Force, a Bagration FoW game

    The main battlefield

    The top half of the map, 1 and 2 (board sections), numbered in red is the Russian attacking starting point in the game, platoons will be placed (that are not in reserve) and pictured by me on the respective Russian sub-thread to follow.

    The Bottom half of the map, 3 and 4 (board sections), numbered in grey is the German defending starting point and their platoons will be placed (also that is not in reserve) and pictured by me on the map on their respective sub-thread in the near future.

    Cheers, this is the main thread of the game, and as such all posts and questions need to be put in their related Army sub-forum, please do not post on this thread, use a PM if needed.


    Good luck to both teams here and I am looking forward to this game of Flames of War on the ACG site.


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    German board 3

    Now in a bit more detail........

    The red line indicates a German defensive minefield, 2 inchs in diamiter running along the outside of the barb wire fortification

    The yellow line indicates German defensive barb wire entanglements, again running alongside the minefield.

    The pink line indicates German trench lines just before the other two fortifications in front of it.

    The dark blue square designates a HMG bunker that is set up to help protect the main line of defense, with a fairly good angle of fire to either side as well as in front of it.

    The light blue line indiates Orsha houses on the outskirts of the city.

    The white numbers on the map here is noted as (sections) 1-4, sort of an easy way to put orders into a post as to movement and firing at, once things get into close combat range or otherwise.

    The city of Orsha had well built defenses like these starting some months before Operation Bagration began on June 23, 1944, just in case something like this happened.

    Here is a pic from the Russian point of view..... rather nasty!!


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      German board 4

      Now what do we have here......

      The red line designates the German minefield 2 inchs in diamater again.

      The yellow line designates.... German barb wire (also 2 inchs in diamater) entanglements, LOL

      The pinkish line designates the continueing German trench line.

      The deep blue line designates a gun bunker and a HMG station maybe as well? HHMM.... I wonder what kind, could be anything from a pop gun to an 88......??

      The greenish circle represents a light tree type forest on a hill, something a little strange about it though, could that be a clear section in the middle there for something??

      The white numbers are again the 1 through 4 section designations for ease of orders posted when needed.

      Here is a pic from the Russians when they go against this side of the German defensive line at Orsha.

      Cheers, and again, please do not post anything on this main thread, the sub-threads will be up Wednesday sometime. thank you very kindly ACG members!!

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        Russian board 1

        This is one of the areas that the Russians will attack from, the pic is from the German side, it had the best view as to the terrain.

        The green circle represents a light woods area that does offer some cover at least

        The white numbers represent the usual 1-4 specific areas that players can use for their movement and fire posts.

        As you can see here, there is not to much cover at all, the Germans again had some time to cut back clear lanes of fire, for the most part.

        And a view for the Russian perspective side of things

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          Russain board 2

          Now the last part of the battlefield, and a bit more to look at as to terrain as well, again from the German side of the table with the best view I could get.

          The green circle are some trees that give some cover, but it is not really a forest of any kind!!

          The medium blue circle represents a small marshy lake that no force can go through at any time.

          And the white numbers are used for players and their movement and fire posts like the pics before.

          Here is another shot from the Russian point of view

          Cheers, now it is onto the sub-threads for the German and the Russian forces, so stay with me. I'm not sure I will have time go get every platoon and pic up by tonight, but I'll do my best. Then after they are up with full details, you can post your questions on them, or a PM me as needed.

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            Pics of the batlefield with the forces for both sides on it!!

            Pic 1 from the German point of view

            And one from the side

            The NUMBER OF TURNS in the game is...... MORE THAN 6 and LESS THAN 14 , very key here for both sides.

            The RUSSIANS need to take at LEAST ONE OF THE OBJECTIVES (pictured later) for MORE THAN 1 TURN while the GERMANS need to DEFEND THEM from being captured during the game.

            ORDERS will be posted in each nation's sub-forum by each team, but any strategy for following turns and questions should be PMed to me per turn.

            The Russians get the first turn as the attackers, AND they do get a preliminary bombardment, modified a bit from the basic FoW rules before the actual first turn starts....

            I will PM the reserves for both sides once we are all on the same page and have fielded some questions. My best days for running most things is Tuesday and Wednesdays every week, or late night after work say after 11:30 PM CST.

            Good luck everyone and lets have a great game here at ACG!!!

            GERMAN PLAYERS -

            -Air challanged
            -Ace General


            SOCCER DJ
            IRON WOLF



            And again please, no posting on this main thread, use the respective sub-forums, or the the handy PM option.
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              Reserve PM lists

              is now sent to the Germans and the Russians, enjoy!!!

              Cheers, comments and questions on these can be posted (or most likely PMed to me) on your sub-forums guys, just tell me your code words please.......



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                The two objectives in the game!!!

                German board 3, a Panzer III (outlined in RED) that happens to be the "ride" of a higher German Commander, that for the moment is broken down and abandoned. BUT......

                The Commander just happened to forget some critical documents on the Panther line in his broken down tank, including defences for the city of Orsha......

                A pic a little closer now

                And then in German board 4, the 2nd objective (also outlined in RED) is.......

                A destroyed Russian horse and wagon team, how it got there is not known, but it is there and included in that weckage, plans for the Russian assault on Orsha. It seems an underling likes to write down things in his secret diary, "things" that his Russian Divisional Commander talks about in staff meetings. The Russians are bound to stumble oto this diary, IF they take this objective......

                Another closer pic here as well

                What all this means in this game is the Russians have to be within 4 inchs of one or the other objective (or both for a Major Victory) by the end of the game, if not before WITH NO GERMAN TEAMS within 4 inchs as well, at the beginning of a Russian turn. But more on that later when/if the Russians get closer to the objectives.

                Cheers, sorry I'm a bit late tonight, I had to spend some extra hours at work, for that Fable II game that came out at midnight.......

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                  An overall pic here

                  The two objectives are "spray circled" in RED!!

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                    The Russians launch a preliminary Arty Bombardment....

                    The Germans are just sitting around in their trenchs when a huge roar shatters the quiet on Eastern front in the city of Orsha ........

                    HHMM, this does'nt seem to be the "heavy" kind of barrage the Russians usually go for, it seems STAVKA wants a short one so their troops can go into action right away and get to those objectives!!
                    The Arty needed a 5-6 to hit the well dug in Germans, there were some heavy guns involved, but STAVKA feels that the ammo for these heavy guns will be saved for the main assault into Orsha. All German teams hit get their basic save, and the Russian arty Firepower has been toned down a bit to a 3+ to take a team out.

                    German board 3 hits on German teams are

                    - 88 gun stand
                    - 7.5 AT gun stand
                    - HMG stand
                    - platoon Commander stand
                    - HMG stand
                    - Platoon Infrantry stand
                    - Platoon Commander stand
                    - StuG Platoon Commander tank
                    - Stug Platoon tank
                    - 2nd in Command Company Commander

                    Cheers, the red dice indicate the actual rolls that hit these German teams, next a pic of what teams did not survive the first pre-round of combat........

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                      German losses and "other effects of the Arty Bombardment....

                      Here we go

                      The RED X indicates a destroyed German stand.

                      The Blue spray circle indicates pinned down Platoons, rate of fire reduced to 1 and no foward movement towards the enemy. But they get a Motivation check at the beginning of the Germans turn to get each Platoon back in order.

                      The Green outline indicates a bailed armoured unit, so they are out of action until they bail back in on the following turn with a Morale check.


                      1 88 gun
                      2nd in Command from the HQ

                      Pinned or bailed out

                      The 1st Sturm Infrantry combat Platoon.
                      The 2nd Sturm Infrantry combat team
                      The 7.5 AT gun Platoon
                      The HMG Platoon
                      The remaining 88 Platoon
                      The remaining HQ Company Commander
                      1 StuG G bailed out, the Platoon Commanders!!

                      A pic after the Arty Bombardment

                      Cheers, That 2nd in Command (destroyed) by the upper right hand house is not there (I missed pulling that one, sorry guys, I'll get better, I'm still new doing this)

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                        German board 4

                        The same deal applies to this pic as the first German board.....

                        Cheers, now this is a bit more serious for the Germans!!

                        German teams hit

                        - 1 Sturm Infrantry team.
                        - 1 Sturm Infrantry team.
                        - 1 HMG team.
                        - 1 HMG Platoon Commander.
                        - 1 StuG G.
                        - 1 StuG G, Platoon Commander.
                        - 1 15cm Howitzer gun team
                        - 1 Heavy Arty gun Platoon Commander

                        Cheers, for the Russians, maybe..... casualty pic next.

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                          German losses and other "effects" of the Bombardment

                          German board 4 results

                          As you an see, the same colors, outlines and and X's

                          The RED X designates a German stand lost in the Russian Arty Prep Barrage.

                          The Blue sprayed circle represents pinned down Platoons, 1 rate of fire and no forward movement until they pass a motivation test, at 4+ at the beginning of the Germans side of the turn.

                          Here we have an after pic, but I used most of my pinned markers for the other German board. But I think we can all remember what is what here.

                          German losses/conditions in this section are

                          - Sturm Infrantry stand KIA
                          - StuG G Assault gun tank blown apart (The Platoon Commander KIA), the "smoke & Flames" of burning armour gives 1+ on any teams trying to shoot and hit through the other side of any enemy unit from that line of sight, so one can use this as cover here as well.
                          - Sturm Grenadier Platoon is pinned down.
                          - MMG Platoon is pinned down.
                          - Heavy Arty Gun Platoon is pinned down.

                          Cheers, next will be the ranges on the Russian sub-thread for them to ponder.


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                            The Russians move in and attack Orsha!!!

                            Russian board 1 Company movement pic

                            and as you can see, I did'nt do any "colored lines", so post on your specific sub-forum if you want them for the actual movement pics.

                            Russian Board 2 Company movement pic

                            Again just the regular pic guys.

                            Cheers, some steady Russian Company movement is observed by the Germans, but no rush Assault yet, I wonder what they are doing, or planning to do on the next turn.....

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                              Russian fire

                              And here we have a pic of Russian fire in to the German lines on board 1

                              I did use some lines in here just to show some of the action.

                              The red line is the God of War Barrage on the German trench line, ranged in the second time!! Some of the efected German stands are underlined in red as well.

                              The Orange line are fire missions from the HMG Company, 3 targets in all.

                              And the lone blue line is a T-34 main tank gun on an infrantry stand also in the trenchs.....

                              Then we have board 2 shooting


                              More lines, and post on your sub-threads if this helps you out or not please.

                              Blue lines designate Stalin and T-34 main gun shots at some StuGs, infrantry units and and two bunkers.

                              Orange lines designate Russian infrantry fire on some Sturm Grenadiers in their ever so effective trench system.

                              Cheers, the results Sunday.

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