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    Field of Glory™, the new ancient and medieval wargaming rules from Slitherine Strategies, published by Osprey will now be supported by a full range of official terrain to enhance your table top battlefields.

    Miniature World Maker is cooperating with Slitherine to launch an extensive new range of terrain pieces specifically designed for the Field of Glory™.

    Miniature World Maker CEO Jim Mason said: “Miniature World Maker is delighted to have the opportunity to work with Slitherine to create an exciting new range of terrain designed specifically for Field of Glory™ rules. Manufactured from the same high quality materials we now use, and finished to the same exacting standards, the range will include terrain for 15mm–28mm scales and for universal layouts. Landscape features will range from hills to plantations, woodland to villages, and soft sand to developed lands.”

    Field of Glory™ rules have taken the wargame market by storm, both here in Australia and around the globe. They are easy to use, and give an authentic, accurate result. Complemented by our diverse range of realistic, durable and affordable terrain, they will add a whole new dimension to wargaming.

    JD McNeil, Director of Slitherine, said: “When we first saw the samples from Miniature World Maker we were really excited. It has always been disappointing to see beautifully painted miniatures battling across dull and uninteresting terrain, but now with the help of Miniature World Maker we can change all that. The games I have seen using their terrain are as good as many display games. It is extremely light and durable, so ideal for those who have to cart their armies around. We are extremely pleased to be working with them on this project”

    What is Field of Glory™?
    Field of Glory™ is a wargaming rules system that uses model figures and terrain to recreate the great battles of the ancient and medieval world, written by some of the biggest names in the wargaming community, including the co-author of the popular DBM rules, Richard Bodley Scott. Field of Glory™ allows players to use Wargames Factory miniatures to re-fight historical scenarios or create their own “what if” battles. It is being released in February 2008 along with two companion books, Rise of Rome and Storm of Arrows. These books, which are the first of many, focus on specific time periods or geographical regions in the ancient and medieval world, giving historical overviews and comprehensive army lists for all of the major and minor powers.

    Field of Glory™ is the first set of wargames rules that has been designed for and made available to a wide audience and will be available from traditional Hobby outlets to mass market booksellers. The game is set to revolutionize historical wargaming.
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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