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Sad day in RPG land.

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  • Sad day in RPG land.

    For any of you who may be familiar with the Harnmaster RPG system or the world of Harn today is a sad day indeed.
    N. Robin Crossby is the creator of the Hârn fantasy setting and the HârnMasterHârn.

    As of January 2006, Crossby announced that he had a "transitional" liposarcoma (i.e., cancer) in his bowel. In January 2006, the liposarcoma was surgically removed and that Crossby, though he would require chemotherapy to prevent a recurrence, was on his way to recovery.

    As of March 2007 the cancer has recurred,chemotherapy has failed and he is surrounded by his highschool sweetheart-wife, children and dogs.

    On July 23rd 2008, Robin succumbed to his cancer at a hospice in Coquitlam, BC.
    Link to the full article on WikiPedia;
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    That is really sad R.I.P.



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      Yes I am guite famailar with Harn but I had no idea it was a Canadian product.
      I think it was one of best developed worlds, I spent alot of time trying to adpated it to D&D rules.

      It is sad to hear his passing
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