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W101 AAR: Battle of Salyan Playtest

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  • W101 AAR: Battle of Salyan Playtest

    Asian Thunder
    Sorry about the glare on some of the pictures. I wasn't running the camera, but at least it's something
    More info on the map here: Brant Guillory, "Warfighter 101 / Maneuver Warrior" #87, 2 Mar 2008 3:50 pm
    More info on the game here: W101: Asian Thunder

    Special Rules
    Players are contesting control of the 5 hexes that make up Salyan proper. Iranian player gets extra credit for killing US units; US/AZ player gets extra credit for killing Iranian commandos, and for any surviving civilians.

    There are 5 civilian units in Salyan in this scenario, but they behave differently than normal Warfighter civilians: they don't move, and may not be transformed. They flip over whenever an Iranian unit enters their hex. If a combat unit is revealed, combat takes place immediately; if it flips to reveal just a normal civilian, it just sits there and takes up space.

    Also, LOS into any urban hex (city or town) is only available from an adjacent hex. So you can't sit back with a tank platoon at max range from the town, and spot guys in town from 3km away.

    Game 1
    US company starts out on the north side of the map near the airfield (LEFT side of this view). Azeri forces are behind the river on the west side (BOTTOM of this view). Iranians are south of Salyan, but very close to the city.[br]

    End of Turn 1
    Early on, the Iranians had success pushing the civilians out of the way in Salyan. Their tanks stayed out the city, while the mortars caught the Azeri infantry in the open and had several very good barrages that left the BMPs wrecked. The Americans also got their mortars a bit too close to the fight. This cost them dearly, as the Iranian tanks piled onto the Striker mortars and the MGS platoon. Without any heavy firepower, it was a bad day for the good guys, and about to get worse.

    End of Turn 2
    Once the Iranian attack helicopters showed up, life really sucked for the Americans and Azeris. They lacked any real punch to shoot at the helicopters, and the loss of the AGS really cut into the number of dice they could use to try to suppress the Iranians aerial scythe. Although the game went at least one more turn, at this point, the US/AZ player was just limiting damage and wasn't likely to win.

    LESSON LEARNED: Don't get your mortars in DF range of enemy tanks if you can help it, and don't dismount your infantry until they're closer to the fight. It helps when your mortars roll well, too.

    Game 2
    Same scenario, take 2.

    Same basic setup, slightly refined. Iranian player chose to pair weapons platoons with the mortars to provide local defense, but at the cost of reducing the firepower available to the infantry units trying to take Salyan.
    Note: this picture is taken at a 90degree angle to the others. NORTH is actually the top of this picture, but after this, they pretty much revert...

    End of Turn 2
    The Iranian player splits his tank company, and part of it heads into Salyan, while the rest heads east to try and cut off the US Strykers approaching Salyan from the sandy side. The US player sends several units to the north side of Salyan to fight their way into the city over 2 different bridges. Note that the mortars are hanging back this time. But there US player has trouble spotting some of his targets.

    More to come from Game 2... it's late and I'm tired...
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