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BayonetGames' new Next Wars series is now available for preorder on p500

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  • BayonetGames' new Next Wars series is now available for preorder on p500

    BayonetGames Announces Preorder for first game in Next Wars Series
    TUESDAY, 26 February 2008, 1300 EST


    Raleigh, NC, 26 February 2008 - Modern operational-level combat comes to the tabletop in BayonetGames' new Next Wars series by designer Brant Guillory. The first game of this new series - Orange Crush - covers a near-future hypothetical civil war in the Ukraine. Next Wars I: Orange Crush is currently available on P500 for $25.

    Following a series of contentious elections in which both sides accused the other of support from outside the country, the Ukraine began to fracture. What started as competing protest marches in the streets rapidly escalated into a shooting war between the different factions. When the President of the Ukraine finally ordered the Army to restore order, several units revolted, and the President appealed to NATO for assistance. The small British- and Polish-led NATO force soon found itself toe-to-toe with the Russians and Belorussians and each side appealed to foreign intervention.

    The Next Wars series brings modern operational combat to your wargaming table. Units are battalions, and headquarters, including armored, motorized, and commando units, as well as artillery, supply/support units, and engineers. Units are rated for attack, defense, and movement, as well as their combat support capability. Artillery and headquarters units both have range factors, albeit for different purposes. With 10km hexes on the maps, The Next Wars covers large campaigns, giving players a wide theater in which to operate.

    Next Wars I: Orange Crush will ship in a solid box with over 200 counters, a gorgeous map from Olivier Revenu, a rulebook and scenario book, players references, and 2 decks of command cards. P500 orders are $25 on a $45 game (save $20 over retail).

    All of BayonetGames products are available at, where blank forms, bonus maps, and reference cards can also be downloaded.
    In the event of another forum meltdown, feel free to join us over at

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