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Stalin's Story -- Indie Tabletop RPG

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  • Stalin's Story -- Indie Tabletop RPG

    Just read a write-up of this game, sounds interesting if you can get some friends together and are looking for something different:

    Stalin's Story is a short indie RPG, of the tabletop/live action variety, that is played out on two levels: On the first level, half the players are actors, acting out the story, and the other half are courtiers, trying to curry favor with the Soviet leader, trying to sabotage the play that the actors are performing (lest they curry favor with Stalin and perhaps be appointed to some position of power that might otherwise go to you) -- and, of course, trying to avoid being shot. On the second level is the folk tale itself. The "story" is invariant -- the dragon will be slain -- but the outcome for the players on the top level may vary greatly from one session of play to the next.
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