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    What kind of game do you like to play when you are in the mood? Flames of War for me, a WW II miniature game, no surprise, I will list others as time goes by, feel free to list anything you want, from years in the past to current trends you are doing.

    This is a multiple choice one, so vote for all that apply to you right now.

    Cheers, I wonder what will come out on top?

    Board games
    Miniature games
    Computer games
    Console games
    Other, please post a reply
    I just like to read and post on "War type" subjects in general
    No interest, I'm just checking the poll results.......

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    I found myself perusing through my old boardgames this wekend, with an hint of nostalgia. Its been ages I haven't had a chance to play them, they have a flavor computer wargames will never have. I was a great fan of Victory Games back in the days, and I would love to play Vietnam, Hell's Highway, Pacific War or the Korean War again someday.

    I have too many good wargames its frustrating, most of them just gather dust on my shelves. I'm hardly playing anything else than TOAW III these days, with a little AACW, Campaign Series and WitP when I can find the time.


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      I'm kinda stuck on the computer too with CC5 (Stalingrad: Operation Circle) and always my CC2. Of course Panzerblitz has a special place in my heart.


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        I play computer games and like some of them but nothing has replaced rolling dice. If I were to list my top 25 fav games 22 would be board simulations.


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          Definitely table top games for me followed by boardgames.
          I haven't found good computer games for a while but they will come along eventually.


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            I tend to wander all over the place currently I'm playing:

            --Flames of War: Miniatures
            --Tide of Iron: Board game
            --Civilization 4 BTS: PC

            I'm considering picking up Sins of a Solar Empire this weekend or Ageod's: American Civil War

            I also would like to get the new expansion for ToI "Days of the Fox", and some 25pds for my FoW Brit Motor Company.

            I only wish I had the MONEY and TIME to buy/play everything
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              I picked computer games (mainly CMBB) and Other. For my other it's records. I collect records.


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                win Steel Panthers WWII, you might say I'm an addict of the Steel Panther Dynasty. Before that I was a board game addict, an grognard into massive months long games. Games which force you to conserve forces, not one off killfests.
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                  Originally posted by Emil_G View Post
                  I picked computer games (mainly CMBB) and Other. For my other it's records. I collect records.
                  World records ? Or the music type ?


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                    Originally posted by MAGNA View Post
                    World records ? Or the music type ?
                    Yeah, I keep my own version of Guiness. Nah, I meant the vinyl (music) type.


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                      Board games

                      I can't say that I have really played them, chess would be the main one, if it "counts" in my college days. Risk, stratego and that game where you had those plastic Shermans, Panthers, AT guns from the late 70s-80s Board game????? Does D&D and AD&D count, I ran tourny's back in High-School in the public library as well???

                      Cheers, thats about it, I did play a Civil War game a couple of weeks ago, not sure if it was my thing though........




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                        I get all nostalgic every now and then and consider digging out my old 1/300 microtanks or one of the board wargames but without an opponent the experience doesn't live up to the memory

                        I stick to computers and consoles these days. The AI may not be up to much in some games but it's better than nothing.
                        Signing out.


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                          Originally posted by TRDG View Post
                          I can't say that I have really played them, chess would be the main one, if it "counts" in my college days. Risk, stratego and that game where you had those plastic Shermans, Panthers, AT guns from the late 70s-80s Board game?????
                          You mean this one? Tank Battle Interesting, it seems they did a modern version in 2003: Mission Command Land

                          I have it but its probably packed away somewhere in the attic at my parents house.
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                            From high school through grad school I played many board war-games, everything from Avalon Hill, SPI, and Victory Games. I still have many of them. However, while in the Army I fell into a group playing miniatures games, and primarily today that is what I play when I have time to play anything.

                            My favorites are the clicks games, such as Mechwarrior, Mage Knight, and Hero Clicks. Of course, I still play Warhammer 40K whenever possible. In fact, I have been working lately on my Tyranid Army. I have 2500 points worth finished, and just need an opponent.


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                              Originally posted by Martok View Post
                              just need an opponent.
                              That right there is what makes anything other than PC gaming almost prohibitive for me. Outside of family and job duties, most of my "free" time gets into the graveyard shift... 10pm to 1am or thereabouts. Even if I could find an opponent in my area who could share that kind of schedule, it's more convenient for me to be able to stay home.

                              PBEM is how I spend most of my gaming time these days. I tend to keep around 3 games going at a time, and can usually get a couple turns per week in each. I find it a nice alternative, since I can play at a schedule that fits me, from the comfort of my own home (usually on a laptop in my jammies). Not quite "real" human interaction, but almost... and I find that a real person tends to pummel the crap out of me much more convincingly than the computer AI does.

                              I've tried to get into a miniatures game, but the one I like isn't really too popular in the area. Almost seems like you have to cater what you play to what's available instead of what you'd most like to play.
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