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Flames of War, by Battlefront, anyone playing?

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  • Flames of War, by Battlefront, anyone playing?

    I know there are a couple out here somewhere, give me a shout!! Lets "shoot the breeze" on the Late-War period, or anything else.
    First up, the new German support rule for Monty's Meatgrinder, your thoughts, my fellow members of ACG and FoW?



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    I haven't played Flames of War much as we tend to use another set of rules (can't remember what it is though).

    What is the support rule for Monty's meatgrinder ?


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      Good deal, another player!!

      Listy is also fairly active in this, as well as I am.

      As for the new rule, it only affects German forces at the moment, about the support options, from this Battle book, and going forward from there for each new one. It seems that there will no longer be a limit on support options, just the points will do that, for certain Companies, not sure how it works yet, the book is out Saturday. It is along the lines of the British engineers rule. Certain support choices can be upgraded to other support units that a Company would not usually have as an option, that opens up many things, depending on what the real deal is on Saturday. Battlefront made a big deal of this, but who really knows.......

      Right now, I am into playtestng a new Hen and Chick rule for Bagration, nothing official, but Phil seems interested, so I am sending in 10 test games, and hopefully some hard data from a "rare" Russian book that may be translated by Emil here, at least parts of it that deal with tank tactics.

      What miniature games do you play, if you can remember, have you done any Late-War FoW games at all, and what nation did you play?

      Cheers, now there is at least 3 members here that have played Flames of War, things are looking up!!



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        My friend has the rules for FoW but we haven't got far into them yet. The main set our group uses is the Fire and Fury Battlefront rules. These are also very good as they fit in with 15mm or 20mm scales. As the main bulk of our models are 20mm we use them.

        The WW2 stuff we do is any theatre of operations as we have decades of various models and figures. Favourites are the European theatres though.

        Other miniatures games we really enjoy are Napoleonic naval (good fun and fairly easy to play - homegrown rules and scratchbuilt 1/1200th line ships - mine are very scratchy), and Napoleonic land battles - not as popular.

        We plan to have a go at Ancients - could be a bit thud and Blunder though.

        Does FoW have flank movement rules ? We made our own and they add a fair bit to some scenarios.


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          You guys are very busy, cool!!

          Explain that flank rule, if you would, not exactly sure what you mean there, it could be many things, at least to me, not sure if it is in FoW though, either.




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            Flames of War by Battle Front

            Just picked up the rule book and a couple of supplemnets, still building army. There is a hobby shop near by that has a club for Flames of War. Have watched some game play there. If anyone hasn't seen anything about it check out website;


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              I'll try and post a few pics of games we play as we go. When I get round to moulding alternate turrets for my friends 15mm tanks (they cost too much for him to buy each type), I'll post that on the reference section under modelling.

              If anyone is interested in napoleonic ship of the line games I can post how to make the ships too.


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                Got a fourth member now!!

                very cool. I'm on that site a lot as well, I'm sure you can guess my user name there, I just bet. Welcome to the site here, you will find many things here of interest!!!!

                drakenfyre, what army do you plan on fielding first? I "do" German and Russian so far, usually tank heavy at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions here, or over there......


                Those flanking rules?

                Cheers, I just heard that the new battle book (Monty's Meatgrinder) may be delayed a week in customs, of all things, for the U.S.!!

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                  The flank rules are an add on that can work with any other set of rules. basically they are for games when you have either of the following situations;

                  1. You want one side to have an advantage in numbers but don't want them on the board all at once.

                  2. Both sides are to have a large force and you don't want an all in middle of the board dice brawl.

                  All that is needed is two flank boxes or areas off the main board.
                  At the beginning of each move allow each side to place one or more units in each flank box (unless they have run out of units). This can be an arbitrary amount or a minimum plus dice.

                  make a flank line on each side of the main board to show where the flank units start ( usually a dice or similar ).

                  When the units are placed each side can see both sets of units. The umpire checks whether one side has an advantage.

                  Even numbers - no advantage.

                  One more for one side - still no advantage except that the side with one more unit may fire onto the main board if they have an indirect fire unit on that flank.

                  Two more for one side - Use all units (including indirect fire units) and force the opponents flank back one move - usually the speed of a medium tank. Move the flank line marker to show the new position of the front line on the affected flank.

                  Three or more for one side - Use all units again to force the opponents flank back one move. If the opponents flank is not reinforced with enough units to make the difference less than three at the beginning of the next move, then the flank is driven in. The losers units retreat out of the game followed by half their number from the winners flank units on that flank. The flank is then in possession of one player who can then bring flank units onto the main board anywhere along that side or flank. More units can be placed on that flank by the winning side but the opposition player will no longer know what they are.

                  Clear as mud ?

                  One more thing. If a player wants to, they can opt to place units on the back line of the main board rather than on the flanks. It's up to the players. This can add a bit of uncertainty to the game as players cannot rely on dice throws alone for this aspect. They must decide at the beginning of each move as far as reinforcements go and must take into account the ground features available for attack and defence on each side of the board.

                  I'll do an example if you need it.


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                    Roger that

                    I know what you mean, I just wanted to make sure about it.

                    Flames of War, in general, is an even fight, as to forces deployed per 1500 points for each side. There are reserve rules for some missions that place up to half of your platoons off the table as reserve and ambush. Depending as well if you are an attacker, or a defender. You roll for reserves each turn in most cases, needing a 5-6 to get them on the table, but for delayed reserves, you start rolling on turn 3. You also add in the number of turns, then add the same amount of dice per turn on your starting step. turn 1 you would roll 1 dice, turn 4 you have 4 dice to get the holy 5-6 to get your men and machines on the field of battle.

                    Certain missions preclude certain areas that you can deploy in, and around the table. from corners to right square in the middle and different sections divided up.

                    Cheers, I can run through the missions if you want to, there arenot that many, sad to say, but the force you field plays a part in what happens......




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                      It's difficult to know what to use sometimes. The flank rules we use can be done with even forces too, it's just up to the players as to deployment onto the table or the flanks (can be nerve wracking).

                      In the end the game has to be playable though. I think the FoW rules cater for smaller tactical units than battlefront.

                      I am working on a computer assisted game set for company level and up. Three models will be a company (say tanks) or three stands of infantry. The players will give orders as usual and move their units. The difference will be the fog of war the program will add. Each unit is an entity and has commanders, morale level, attack and defence strengths and so on. When a unit is hit the program will determine loss of strength along with other variables such as loss of commanders. This is fairly accurate as commanders will be given a one in how ever many left chance of survival ( eg strength 120 - 1 in 120 of a command loss, stength 40 - 1 in 40 chance).

                      The players don't know how a unit is going until the beginning of the next move and can only get reports on so many units per turn. The main advantage is that the opposition doesn't know either. This is a real problem with most rules as morale and losses for a unit tend to be known by both sides in fine detail.

                      I might get it right one day.

                      I think I have seen the missions in my friends book. Is that the same set ?


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                        I Just started collecting and painting a British Motor Company and have a friend that is building a DAK force, I think were the only two in our area who play FoW

                        Neither of us has played a miniature game before so this is all new to us. I think we were looking for something with more depth and interaction then what is generally found in the PC market today, and board games like Tide of Iron and Flames of War has filled that void beautifully.

                        My biggest hurtle at the moment is learning the basics of the hobby side of miniature gaming and determining out what painting styles and techniques fits me personally. I'm enjoying the challenge though and see this as a long term endeavor.

                        Currently I'm looking for a few books to aid me with my miniature education and the history of the North Africa campaigns. I noticed the Battlefront has recently released a book (Art of War) that might fit the bill for painting, any recommendations for North Africa?
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                          I'm back up

                          But it's time for work, I'll be back tonight!!




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                            Number 5 on board!!


                            I know what you mean for finding fellow FoW gamers, mid-Wisconsin SUCKS as well. I had about 15 at one time about 4 years ago, but now it's just a couple of us "old timers" now!!

                            I hav'nt done Mid-War for a while, it's all Late-War for us at the moment after the D-Day Battle book came out, then all the others. Monty's Meatgrinder should be interesting, the delay is'nt good from the good old U.S. customs, but it's only a week.... So I keep telling myself. All that 21st Pz divisions gear really gets me going, all those French conversions are pretty sweet, and not just the "Marders", the half-tracks are just to much!!

                            I was going to get that book you mentioned, but they could'nt fill my order at the time, so I saved it for another time. I will check on the FoW site and see if any Africa stuff is in it.
                            Interesting you play British, I hav'nt yet, but I will probably give it a shot at some point.
                            Thanks for posting, it's good to meet others who play the same game!!

                            Let me know if you have any questions.




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                              That game sounds very interesting, keep me updated please.
                              The FoW missions, probably the same ones you already saw from your bud.

                              Free For All


                              Hold The Line

                              Fighting Withdrawl


                              The Cauldron


                              Many special rules for each, if you want a list, I'll put em up for you.

                              Cheers Tom


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