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  • The Kaiser's Pirates - Game Review


    During the Great War, Imperial German warships and raiders hunted down merchant ships to deprive their enemies of much needed supplies. During the opening months of the war, Admiral Maximilian von Spee's ships sank roughly a quarter of a million tons of merchant shipping. In The Kaiser's Pirates by Lost Battalion Games, players assume the role of both the German commerce raiders and the Allied merchant ships. The game is designed for 1-4 players and works just as well for a group as it does for a solitaire player thanks to an ingenious extra deck of cards that represents the phantom opponent.


    For being such a clever and entertaining game, The Kaiser's Pirates comes in a very unattractive box. The title is difficult to read and the cardstock sleeve gives the initial appearance of a home printing product. But don't let the outward appearance deceive you; this game is a real gem.

    Inside the box you'll find the rulebook, a 20-ca... Full Article
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    Sounds fun! I was going to complain about the lack of a link to the publisher/game info on the web... but then I found the publisher's website, and the game isn't even listed at all!

    Here it is, for posterity (or in case they ever add the game to the site):
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      Actually, since the review was written, Lost Battalion Games has sold The Kaiser's Pirates to StrikeNet Games.




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