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Battle of Woodflooria and Castle Blockstone AAR

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  • Battle of Woodflooria and Castle Blockstone AAR

    Today when I got home from work, my 3-year-old told me that he wanted to play "Bad Guys". His godmother gave him a small set of army men as a part of his Halloween bag, and he wanted to play with them with me. (I'm not sure why he calls them "Bad Guys".)

    After we ate dinner, he and I retired to the parlor (office/spare room) and set up the battlefield. This was his first time ever playing any sort of wargame, so I thought I would memorialize the event with some photos and an AAR write-up.

    Submitted for your enjoyment, here it is. For the purposes of this narrative, I am commanding the BLUFOR men, my son is commanding OPFOR:

    The action opens in a lightly wooded area of Woodflooria. OPFOR has had the chance to dig in and fortify their position, and present a strong-looking battle line. BLUFOR has had to improvise cover, other than one bunker in advance of the main BLUFOR line.

    Before hostilities began, this is the BLUFOR CO in his APC.

    BLUFOR rifle company A (left flank) in cover.

    BLUFOR squad in advanced fortified bunker.

    BLUFOR rifle company B (right flank) on the move. Note
    the farmhouse nearby.

    Overview of BLUFOR battle line at the start of the action.

    OPFOR entrenchment, after taking a hit on the right flank.

    Bird's eye view of Woodflooria. There is an unexploded
    shell near the BLUFOR line, luckily not near any troops.

    Another hit on the OPFOR line, this time on their left.
    At this point in the battle, OPFOR began to retreat
    towards their brigade HQ, Castle Blockstone.

    BLUFOR chose to pursue OPFOR to their brigade
    HQ. Castle Blockstone would prove to be a much
    tougher nut to crack than BLUFOR was expecting after
    such a smooth victory in Woodflooria....

    BLUFOR entrenchments outside Castle Blockstone. Not
    much, but the best I could do on short notice.

    Photo taken by a squad of rifle company A. As night has
    fallen, notice the the OPFOR CO continues to fortify
    his position. He isn't taking any chances.

    View of the sentry outside Castle Blockstone. They have
    not yet secured their main gate, as the routed OPFOR unit
    has just returned.

    Continued in next message....
    "I am not an atomic playboy."
    Vice Admiral William P. Blandy

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    Chaos inside HQ as the routed unit gives their SITREP. Main
    gate has now been secured. (Photo intercepted via SIGINT.)

    View of BLUFOR assault from northwest turret of Castle
    Blockstone. (Photo intercepted via SIGINT.)

    BLUFOR CO in his APC planning assault. Note the camo
    paint hastily added en route.

    Some unexploded shells on the battlefield. Look out!

    It's showtime.

    Soon after the assault begins, BLUFOR rifle company
    B has their cover taken out. The situation begins
    to deteriorate rapidly.

    A well-placed artillery strike manages to knock out
    the remaining BLUFOR entrenchments as well as the
    CO's APC. (Note the CO all the way on the left flank.)

    With the field commander taken out, I was willing to cede victory to OPFOR -- Castle Blockstone was just too strong for the size of my BLUFOR unit. In retrospect, it was probably foolhardy to even attempt to pursue. I should simply have established a secure location near the southern end of Woodflooria, and awaited reinforcements.

    Plus, this was when the OPFOR CO began to lose interest in the whole process.

    I didn't tell him about my three additional brigades of army men (used for the development of my wargame rules), maybe I'll wait until he's a bit older. The unit sizes in this conflict seemed just right.

    Thanks for reading this all the way through. Enjoy your day!
    "I am not an atomic playboy."
    Vice Admiral William P. Blandy


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      LOL, i got a kick out of reading this. It took me back to the care free days of my youth.

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