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  • Miniature-ish Question

    Ok, so I'm putting together some quick & dirty rules for wargaming with my little plastic army men, and I have a couple questions for you miniature wargamer types:

    - Is there somewhere I can download and print out some maps with generic terrain? No need for hex grids, just some plain stuff with clear, woods, rivers, towns/houses, etc... I am at the point where I want to test out terrain modifiers on movement and attack/defense values, but I'm just not feeling the creative juices flow as far as map-making. Ideally, I would like to print out some maps on 8.5x11 paper and tape it all together.

    - I have identified a "commander" unit type, of which each side gets one. I figure this unit should provide some kind of bonuses to whichever units it is close to, as well as providing a penalty if lost/eliminated. Since I've never really played any sort of miniature wargame before, could anyone point me in the direction of how other miniature rulesets may handle a commander/general type unit? It seems like this one might be kind of tricky to balance out.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
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    That depends on what you are doing with the rest of your game.

    Can he modify the firepower of your units close to him?

    Are you using morale? Maybe he can help them that way.

    Can he rally broken troops?

    What about artillery? Can he call in the mortars?

    If you give him too much he becomes uber and the biggest target in the game.
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      No morale to speak of, and no artillery as of yet. (Going to be a quick "move and shoot" type game.)

      I'm thinking he could provide some sort of attack and/or defense bonus to units within range... but you correctly identified the balance issues I'm having. By itself, I have the unit specs set fairly low for both attack and defense (and movement)... thus, in a one-to-one fight, it would likely lose. Also don't want it to turn into a "hunt the general" game of glorified chess... could even be an option to have an on-field commander; provide some bonuses to *all* units if he's there, but penalize all units if he is eliminated?

      Have not done any playtesting yet (because I have no friends), so maybe some of the questions will work themselves out as I start pushing the plastic around on the floor.

      Thanks for the reply.
      "I am not an atomic playboy."
      Vice Admiral William P. Blandy


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        Well, first off, if you're playing a miniatures game, you probably don't need maps, per se. The common thing to do with minis is just scatter a few homemade items around a tabletop -- books for hills, patches of green paper or cloth for woods, ribbons for roads, and so forth.

        But if you're trying to do a sort of hex-grid wargame, here's a place where you can download and print some modular maps:

        And if you're not intent on creating your own rules from scratch, odds are you can find a set of rules that somebody else has already written, which will be pretty close to what you're after. And the rules are often free. Take a look at these sites:

        If you want a WWII miniatures game that's quick and easy, take a look at this page:
        (I don't know anything about these rules, having just found them. But they might be worth a try.)

        When I first thought of getting into miniatures years ago, I wanted to write my own rules. It was a good mental exercise, but in time I discovered that it can be a lifetime endeavor to design a good set of rules. Much easier to find something already published, then modify it to suit yourself.
        --Patrick Carroll

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          Hey, very nice links... thanks. I guess this is just as much of a mental exercise as anything else, though I have dreams of having a system that is quick and easy to play and honed to perfection by the time my kids start to be of age where we can play the game (on a cold, wintry afternoon when we're all cooped up in the house and mommy needs a break).

          Could just as well use a hex/counter system as anything else, though this gives me the added benefit of being able to play with the toy army men and recapture my mis-spent youth. (Plus, they're a darn sight cheaper than proper "miniatures".)
          "I am not an atomic playboy."
          Vice Admiral William P. Blandy


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