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  • Memoir '44: Air Pack

    I guess the carrying case with the planes is out the window and they are releasing another expansion. Here is all the poop from

    In preorder now, due out in November '07.

    Heres the blurb from funagains site -

    "Never in the field of human conflict, has so much, been owed by so many, to so few!"

    Winston Churchill - August 1940

    ... and never before has a Memoir '44 expansion had so much to offer either!

    Included in this box you will find eight painted airplanes:

    Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
    Fieseler Fi 156 Storch
    Lockheed P-38 Lightning
    Messerschmitt Bf 109
    Mitsubishi A6M Zero
    Supermarine Spitfire
    Vought F4U Corsair
    Yakovlev Yak-9

    ... and the air rules needed to fly them from the Battle of Britain to the Battle of Midway, from the frigid air of Kursk to the balmy skies of Malta, and deep into Nazi territory.

    Also included in the pack is a complete compilation of all 64 official Memoir '44 scenarios published to date, including revisions to many of them -taking advantage of the numerous expansions now available for the game system.

    The Air Pack is further rounded off with a complete 120 cards deck describing every single terrain, special rules, troop type and nation introduced since the game's launch at the 60-year anniversary of D-Day.


    8 Painted Airplane Miniatures & their in-flight stand
    An 80 page Air rules booklet, with 64 revised scenarios
    60 new double-sided Terrain tiles including campaign & winter airfields, desert & winter hills, gullies & trenches
    12 Round Markers, including airplane, "exit" and bomb crater markers
    6 new Obstacles, including 6 landing crafts, a bombed out bridge, an aircraft carrier, winter field bunkers & dragon teeth
    120 new Helper cards, including:

    2 Air Sortie command cards
    4 Nation cards
    8 Airplane summary cards
    10 Air Pack summary cards
    15 Troops summary cards
    19 Battle Star summary cards
    62 Terrain summary cards
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    Today i got an Email from Days Of Wonder {DOW} stating that they launched the new webpage for the Airpack expansion and released all the info for the game on their website, here it is -

    BTW, all the new airplane minis come painted. The ME-109 looks most impressive with a very nice camo paint job on it.

    Also, i nabbed some pics of the box for everyone to see -

    Box Front

    Box Back

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      BTW, I wonder what the Fiesler Storch is going to be used for? Its the one and only observation plane included.

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        No bombers, even medium ones?


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          I'm looking forward to the expansion. I see the website now had the rules available for download...for those that want to get an idea of what's ahead!

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            Its been delayed once already. I hope they dont do it anymore.

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