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    My "gang" is looking for some good multiplayer games (3-6) players that we can play in a 3-4 hour session.
    So far we've played and liked Kingmaker and 1066 which we all enjoyed. I had been hoping to try Gunslinger next but my copy was lost one time when we moved. Any other recomendations (preferably something still in print)?
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    Victory the Blocks of War, from Columbia Games.

    Plays quick and fast, can be purchased to expand to 4,6,8 players. Blindingly straight forward rules that can be learned faster than any other board game I have ever met.

    Customizable with zero effort, never the same game twice. Nice limited fog of war element. Easy to set up, even easier to clean up.

    That is nicely matched up with anything with the Axis and Allies label.

    I suggest either the full war version, or the miniatures can really be great once you have enough of them.

    Risk 2210 also from them, is likely the fastest playing game where you won't know if you won till the last part of the last turn. Plays reliably in a 5 hour span normally. It has nukes

    I'm not going to suggest non military parlour games though hehe.
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      In the long run

      Well there are the quick up and at em games such as these or there are the "in the long run" games. The ones with a large set of rules, a fair bit of cash, and the assembly and painting of your own completly customizable armies. Once all is accounted for they are good fun and can get into some very serious gameplay. But please dont make it so serious it isnt fun. In the end there should still be the laughs and jokes and the fair bit of everything a regular game gives. The best part is you can find gameing clubs and the sort to test your metal against an array of opponents and armies.,

      I know GW makes a few of these games including Warhammer(Fantasy), Warhammer 40k(SciFI), and a Lord of the Ring set.

      I havnt played the Warhammer 40k one yet (although it is the most popular), but have had good fun with the other 2. My buddy from school i got into it and now we play the LotR game quite often. With different scenarios and random terrain it always ends up being a different game.


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        Mayfair games put out a series of railroad games that are a lot of fun to play and take a few hours. Heck my wife and her daughters even played it with me.

        Another, if you can find it, is Brittania. Four player game that takes anevening to play.
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          Warrior Knights from Fantasy Flight Games!

          It downright demands four or more players.

          Runebound isn't bad, but it can feel like 4-5 people playing parallel games instead of playing one game together.
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            Two interesting games are -

            Shadows Over Camelot & Cleopatra And The Society Of Architects, both from Days of Wonder -


            Days of Wonder make some of the most well put together, high quality & most enjoyable games i have ever played.

            Shadows Over Camelot is a team game where the Knights out on quests to try and keep Camelot from being destroyed. Treachery also may be afoot as one of the Knights may turn out to be a traitor! Basicly the players compete against the game.

            Cleopatra and the Society of Architects is a game where the players are Architects working for Queen Cleo and they are all building a temple for her. Whomevr builds the most pieces of the temple wins the game, but beware, to build the most, you may be forced to make back room deals with shady merchants and you can get corrupted. Get corrupted too much and you may end up being sacrificed in the very temple you just built!

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              Try: Kingmaker which is a great fun game and Apocalypse if you can find a copy.


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