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ASL Unit Infanty traning question?

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  • ASL Unit Infanty traning question?

    On ASL scenarios, Infantry units traning experience is marked either E- Elite, 1-1st line troops, 2-2nd line troops, C/R-Conscript recruit....(from what I can make out)...

    Sometimes I have noticed that these letters/numbers are inside a circle or a square...

    does anybody know what that means?

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    Welcome to the forums!

    A1.25 states that the circle or square designates different types in the same class.
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      Thanks, but im still not exactly sure what that means?


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        It helps you keep track of the half-squad to use if your squad is reduced for one thing. See how the US has two elite squads, the 7-4-7 and the 6-6-7? The 747 reduces to a 337 but the 667 reduces to a 347. The Germans have 4 different types of Elite. These generally have different point costs for DYO and may be used to designate Engineers, say, or Paratroopers (which may use different weapons without penalties for example.)

        Do you have the full ASL rules or just the Starter Kit? You may not have all of the counters yet to see what I mean; see the Chapter Divider with the OBA Flow chart--it has a complete list of units on the National Capabilities Chart.


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