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    I've been having this urge lately to play some what-if battles in the Cold War period between Soviet and American forces. Does anyone know of a company that produces a good range of miniatures for that era and which rulebook would be the best to buy for what I have in mind?
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    GHQ puts out the best (IMO) miniatures for tabletop gaming and also have their own ruleset.
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      I've heard of a game called battlefield evolution but I've never played it. It takes place in modern days but does include abrams and T-72's.


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        There's several rulebooks depending on what you want to concentrate on (I've got Challenger 2000, Close and Destroy and Sand, Oil, and Blood), but when it comes to minis, GHQ has served me well for years.
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          GHQ and if you can get them Ross and Heroics which are much cheaper. You could also go for 15mm and you will find loads of great models in this scale including Peter Pigs - AK47 range, Skytrex, etc.

          Rules depends on your scale really TOE are available for free if you don't mind the weapons research or MetalStorm for smaller engagements.


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