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For Vancouver area ASL/ASLSK players.

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  • For Vancouver area ASL/ASLSK players.

    If you are interested in participating in the Vancouver ASL league
    starting in September 2007 and ending in April 2008, please let me know.

    This year we'll try a new format. You will receive a list of players
    contact information in the lower mainland. You play as many games
    against as many players from the list in those 8 months as you like. A
    final ranking based on your winning percentage against each opponent and
    number of different opponents will be computed to determine a champion.

    If you know of any other ASL players who might want to participate
    please let me know. New players are welcome to play only starter kit

    If you are interested PM me your email address and I will forward this message and Rick's email address to you.

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