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  • Tide of Iron...For the Win?

    What I'm looking for is "Flames of War" in a box with hexes, and Tide of Iron seems to fit the bill. I have the FoW rule's and Afrika Korps book but don't really have the time and or money to start collecting (assembling, painting, basing and terrain building) an army right now, So I'm wondering now that ToI release is fast approaching is there another game that better fits the Flames of War feel but in a board game?

    I not interested in Axis and Allies miniatures or Memoir 44, I want something a little more involved but not too time consuming to set up and play and that still gives me miniatures to play with

    Any and all replies are appreciated!
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    I think "Tides of Iron" will fit the bill for you. You dont have to build terrain, paint figures or anything like that, that is if the in box stuff is good enough for you. From what ive heard the terrain tiles, maps and game pieces are beautiful. This game could give Memior '44 a black eye.
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      I reviewed it for Scrye recently. Fun game. Long set-up time b/c of fiddling with the bases, but visually entertaining. The pieces don't look as good as the counters/cards/maps do.
      More of a real wargame than Memoir '44 but still 'lite' compared to ASL/ATS.
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        Plus there will be a long line of expansion games to look forward to... and my experience with FFG tells me these will be well worth waiting for.


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          Yeah, The Afrika Korps version is comming out at the same time as the base game is. Sounds fun. You get the Brits and new rules and all kinds of other goodies.

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