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Does Anyone Play Operation World War 2 - by Alzo Zero

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  • Does Anyone Play Operation World War 2 - by Alzo Zero

    Hi all,

    I am just wondering if we have any players of this tabletop wargame on the forum.

    Or if you have played the game or looked at the rules (available for free download on then what did you think of it as a simulation?



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    Someone should mention to the designer, that Miniatures gaming designs usually scream out the term "miniatures" or "tabletop" wargaming very early on.

    I actually had no idea if this was a board game or a miniatures rules system until I had downloaded the rules. And even then it took a few moments to get that made apparent.

    Over all, it looks like it is well enough done on the surface. But, as I said, people will either be into miniatures or not.
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      Sorry Aries you are right - I should have mentioned that this was a miniatures game.

      BTW - I'm not the designer. I just like the game and wondered if anyone else here played it


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