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  • axis and allies pacific

    well i got pacific on christmas!(yay!) and just finished my el first game.
    i played as the allies and personally kicked japans butt.
    and this game was fun. i loved buying fighters and carriers in mass.

    some pics of the last few turns.

    the end draws near for japan

    japanese were shocked at the amount of planes the amerikerner were building

    a couple of bombing raids later...japan was secured by the faithfull marines.
    somehow all but 1 battle ship out of my 8 were sunk and all my 6 cruisers as well

    marines secruing japan. can also bee seen waving to the tanks over in korea, while knocking down the AA guns.
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    I tried this one as well, and it wasn't a bad game. I glad Avalon Hill has put at least a little something more into their Axis & Allies line. Also, if you ever get a chance to play their Battle of the Bulge release - Beware! This is not your Axis and Allies mechanic!

    I actually like the fact that BotB took the A&A line into new territory. It's got supply (which you need to attack), Zones of Control, and a unique and interesting combat system. A completely different game than it's predecessors.


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      The board looks an awful lot like AH's old Victory in the Pacific - a very simple and fun game.
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        Axis and Allies Pacific is a fun game. However it is almost impossible for Japan to win against good allied players. Which while historical does not help playability.


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