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Which Tabletop Strategy game should I get?

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  • BarcelonaBlom
    Memoir '44 Excellent starter game, fast, fun, easy to learn, and gives you a nice base in strategy and the "Winds of War"

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  • DeadlyVortex
    started a topic Which Tabletop Strategy game should I get?

    Which Tabletop Strategy game should I get?

    Hello all, I'm new to the forums here (as you can no doubt tell by my post count) and i have a question for you all. I have long been interested in strategy games, and love playing them on computer and such, but i now want to get a Tabletop Strategy game. I want one that is fairly easy to get into, and doesn't require more than $100 to get a VERY good set-up that at least 3 people can play with. I went to a local comic book store (TBS comics) and asked them which i should look into, but the salesman there was a complete jerk that did absolutely nothing to help except point at some of the boxes they had and telling me the name, which i could have read on the box without his help.

    The type of game i am looking for is one where you must use strategy. However, i don't want to have to study for hours on end just to understand HOW to play it. Risk is NOT what I am looking for. That game is based on nothing more than luck of the roll, and strategy is merely an illusion in that game. (At least, thats how i feel about it after having played it 10+ times. i realize many of you may well disagree with me, and thats fine)
    I want something that i can add more to (as in buy more things to make the games better) over time. Something where each game can be completely different.
    I enjoy realistic settings, and Axis and Allies looked like it may be interesting, but I also love fantasy settings. So far the only thing i have been able to find that looks like it may suit my wants and desires is HeroScape. It's available at your local Wal-Mart, and it looks easily upgraded and such, while giving you plenty to work with with an easy investment. However, the game looks like it is aimed at kids, and because of that, something tells me that the gameplay and strategy would not be deep enough. now that I have said all of that ....any suggestions?

    if there are no good 3 player games, i'll settle with a really good 2 player game for the record. I just know that i have 2 friends that would want to play
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    Also, i know that this isn't a RPG site, but if you know of a game that fits most of the above qualities and is a RPG, i would love to hear your suggestions for it also
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