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Which Tabletop Strategy game should I get?

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    I think you should get Axis and Allies. It's an awsome, extreamly fun, and exciting tabletop minitures game.

    However, I very much don't reccomend the others that are listed. but that's my view on games that are not based on WW1 and 2 or other modern wars.
    I love playing games that have to do with WW2 especially. the only other game I like besides reallistic war games is Dungeons and Dragons which is Fantasy.

    Games I reccomend: Axis and Allies, Dungeons and Dragons, Flames of War, Trench Wars, and BlitzkriegCommander.
    "Since when do you have to tell the enemy when he has won?"
    -Mazer Rackham to Ender ("Ender's Game" pg. 262)


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      I recommend for anyone who wants to wargame to just skip miniatures and go straight to the kind of wargames that better simulate what you are after.

      ASLSK #1 I have had no problem getting others to jump right in after I fully understood the game myself.

      Operational Level games can be very simple and still very fun.

      I think you first have to decide what 'size' you want to play at, and then figure out the complexity you are willing to learn. Tactical games are easy to learn and difficult (in rules and multiple uses of units) to play. Operational/Strategic are difficult to learn and easy to play. World in Flames blew me away with all of its options in the game, but once I learned the rules I go through actions as if they were nothing (hard to learn, easy to play).


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