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ACG Review: Memoir '44

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  • ACG Review: Memoir '44

    A slightly older title, but one we felt we needed to cover. Espeically worth getting to help non-wargamers get interested in the genre!

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    That review makes me want to buy a copy right now - and I hate hexes.

    I think I've been infected...

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      That looks like a cool board game, but you need two to play.
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        Been playing Memoir '44 for half a year, including all it expansions (Eastern Front, Pacific) and still think it is a fabulous game. Especially well suited to bring non-wargamers into the 'Zone of Excitement'.
        We discussed the game a couple of months earlier in this thread:

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          Originally posted by lufttiger View Post
          That looks like a cool board game, but you need two to play.

          True, but it's a good 'gateway' game for younger people, too; I know of a couple of 8-yr-olds who play it. It's a fun game!


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            Fun game!!! I'm looking to get the expansions later...
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