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    For those of you who might be interested in miniature wargaming without having to paint any miniatures, (or break the bank collecting them), I can highly recommend "Battleground Fantasy Wargaming."

    The miniatures are all represented on cards (and it's not a collectible card game, yay!) and you keep track of hits and whatnot on the cards themselves. No tape measures are required as you use the cards themselves to measure movement.

    Check it out here:

    Or go to the fansite:

    There are numerous factions (Elves, Humans, Orcs, Undead and Dwarves) and you can buy a complete set of each faction for about $25. A complete set for each faction is represented by a starter deck and a reinforcement deck, sold separately. But don't worry, the starter decks are absolutely playable and they give you enough units to have a legitimate two player battle. A complete miniature wargaming system for $12!! (+ shipping). How can you go wrong?

    As it stands today, the armies are melee and ranged combat only (no spellcasters) but there is talk of adding wizards and/or dragons in future releases.


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