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Eagle Games: Off with their heads!

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  • Eagle Games: Off with their heads!

    Well I have been awaiting Eagle Games Pirates! board game for a long while now. The numerous pirate fans on their forum were kept at bay with words of "just a little longer". This excuse went on for years (I forget how many but it must have been at least three) and now they cancelled out the Pirates! thread, replacing it with a locked thread that says IF (capitals mine) and when any more information about the release date becomes available they'll let us know. How kind of them.

    Further dampening my faith in Eagle Games ability to deliver was a purchase some months ago for a board game. They took my money and informed me it was on backorder and would take awhile to deliver. How long? The product was needed quickly (birthday gift) and if I couldn't get it fast online I would have to go to the nearby city of Columbia. Well I emailed the customer service rep and never got a response. I called the office itself and after a week of trying, finally managed to call at a time when someone was actually there (or at least actually willing to pick up the phone), the package was sent on it's way after I got ahold of them and arrived in good order but I had a heck of a time getting these people's attention. Since then I haven't had the courage to order from them a second time.

    Eagle Games has not impressed me as a very proactive organization. Their games are good but their customer service and time management skills seem to be out of order.
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    If you've been doing any of this within the last 5-7 weeks, be aware that you weren't dealing with the "real" Eagle Games, but whoever is handling the remaining assets as they liquidate in bankruptcy proceedings. They went bust a few months ago after a lot of their poker supplies/payments became a problem.
    Glenn (owner) managed to retain IP rights, as I understand it, but the inventory is being handled by someone else now, and it's not the folks that had run Eagle for years.
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