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Anyone have Axis and Allies miniatures?

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    Originally posted by BayonetBrant
    I've got 2 starter boxes and about 6 expansions.
    I stopped buying because I have enough to "play tanks" with my son, but I wasn't going to sink any more into a game where I couldn't even get a decent squad of Americans together.
    It seems like the creators are more interested in recreating the feel of a war movie like The Dirty Dozen or Kelly's Heroes, than actual combat between real units. Maybe they'll start selling "unit" packs like Flames of War, but I doubt it.

    Gameplay? It's fine. You get to roll a LOT of dice , which kids love to do anyway (if you're teaching your son), but for a grog, it'll get tedious after a while.
    You don't need a lot of tabletop space for the maps, unless you piece 4-6 together. You DO need a lot of tabletop space for the cards, though. Expect to refer to the cards a bunch during the first game, until you get comfortable with the stats for your favorite tanks.

    There's not much in the way of leadership/heroic characters, a la LnL, which seems odd for a game where individual soldiers are moved around the map. Maybe it'll be in a later expansion.

    Overall: fun diversion for an afternoon, but not more than two-three times unless you sink a lot of dough into building some units. As an intro for kids, tho, it should work nicely, especially if you use a lot of tanks. As the standing game between Grognards, I'd look elsewhere for WWII (LnL, original SL, Ambush, etc).
    Make an American force. I find them the easiest force in the game.


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      My suggestions for you guys on AAM. Dont play it.

      Its not very historical. Heros are now in the game too. Its losing its historical accuracy. Also if you ever run into me youd never beat me! Ive been undefeated since Febuary muhahahah. I like it. then again Im looking for a semi historical game.

      The forums are usally filled with argueing about how this game sucks and is bad and needs house ruling vs those who like it as it is.

      It is light and fast unless you play 500 point games like I do. 5x the normal size. Then you have a 2 hour game! Id like to get into wargaming. Yet most at my board game store like just general board games and not primarly war games.


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        Axis and Allies Miniatures

        I have the starter set and some booster packs. It's a fun game, but I wish aircraft were easier to get in the sets they come in.
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          I'm getting a starter pack tommorow, and hope to add some booster packs in the near future.

          By the way, you can also buy the miniatures individually. Although the prices on the individual tanks are nothing short of extortionate, the infantry and uncommon miniatures are priced pretty cheap. I've found infantry as low as $0.50 on some websites.

          It looks like a fun and tactically-cool yet also easy-to-play game.

          Merry Christmas!

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