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Civilization (The AH Boardgame) How Many Here Play It?

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  • Civilization (The AH Boardgame) How Many Here Play It?

    How many of us on these forums play the Avalon Hill boardgame version of Civilization or Adv. Civilization? The game is now approaching some 20 years of age and I find I still enjoy it, it's a great family type game. I've been wondering about who here plays because the thought has crossed my mind that if there were enough, perhaps a sort of tournament might be encouraged amongst the players here. The only drawback would be that there might not be enough people willing to act as Game Masters (GM's) to get the job done. Pbem would be the requisite means of accomplishing the task, and though the job would be simple enough, it would be time consuming for a GM. I'd be willing to serve as GM for one game, but couldn't do so for a tourments worth.

    But, first there would have to be enough players to be interested.

    So, how many here play and would be interested?

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    Played it for years with my teenage kids. One of them took it when they left home so I haven't seen since.
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      Haven't played it in a while , but have always enjoyed it. Pbm might be worth looking into.


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        I've played it, and liked it. Been years. Sadly wasn't my copy.
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          It is a wonderful game. I wish it was possible to get advanced a little bit cheaper on eBay.
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            Enjoyed a wonderful night of it with my 2 sons about a year ago.


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              History of the World

              Yep, A great game that was good for family and non-wargamers.

              Like others that have posted I no longer have a copy.

              Put a lot of time in this one and AH's History or the World. Both had some value for educating and interesting young players into boardgaming.
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                I have Civ, but haven't been able to acquire Advanced Civ yet. One of the great AH games. I am hoping I will get an opportunity to play more since I have found a gaming club here in Phoenix.
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                  Always enjoyed the game haven't played it in some time though.


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                    I have played it a couple of times. With 6 players you are talking about an all-day event. History of the World or Brittania were just as good only shorter.
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