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  • Future of card & boardgaming...

    I know most of you are hard core wargamers and my question is mostly to those that play all different kinds of games.

    We've seen a rise in boardgames ever since the late 1990's...for the past 5 to 10 years the game industry has been booming. Last year 882 new games were published and the year before there were in the 900. Yet, of all these 800 games only 100 have sold well and only 20 to 30 can be considered as great overall games...
    This leaves me with two questions:

    1. How long will this trend continue?

    2. Since the yearly percentage of great games (20 to 30) is so small compared to the amounts that were published, I wonder if the publishers really know what a good game is and what a bad game???? Even if you consider the 100 that sold well.
    This means that only 1 out of 8 publishers know a bad game from a good one!

    What a waste of money and what incompetence!

    Kind regards,
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    I walk by one of those boardgame stores several times a week,

    I see a lot of franchises, like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead that sort of thing,

    a lot of genre games, like Medieval or Western, War or Horror, I suspect those things sell by the cover alone, for gifts etc..

    My personal problem with boardgames is they require a group of likeminded individuals to get together on regular occasions, which is not always easy.

    Tonight is one of those occasions but it'll be a poker game, with a playstation on the side I think
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