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Fantasy Grounds Online Convention 5 (17-19th October 2014)

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  • Fantasy Grounds Online Convention 5 (17-19th October 2014)

    FG (Fantasy Grounds) Con 5 will run from Friday evening 17th October AEST until Midnight Sunday 19th October PDT.

    The first FG Con was held almost exactly 2 years ago running from 20th-22nd July 2012. FG Con has come a long way since then. The first FG Con was organized completely on the Fantasy Grounds Forums and Game Calendar along with spreadsheets managed by Blackfoot and wbcreighton to coordinate games across timezones.

    While lots has changed many things remain the same!
    • FG Con is a 100% online Convention using Fantasy Grounds
    • FG Con is community organized and run
    • Totally Free for Players
    • Full and Steam licenses get upgraded to Ultimate for FG Con
    • Community TeamSpeak server for all games (thanks Mellock)
    • Game choice and timing is completely up to GMs (PG/13)
    • Players and GMs from all over the world
    • Organized gaming from the Pathfinder Society (with Paizo support) and Savage Worlds from the Society of Extraordinary Gamers
    • Wide spectrum of games available

    FG Con 5 delivers a fun and dynamic convention-like gaming experience for Players and GMs to play your favorite RPGs and meet other like minded gamers. Participants can enjoy a wide variety of games and genres.

    FG Con 5 will be managed and run from the
    FG Con Website. We are planning to break 50 sessions at FG Con 5 and showcase a wider variety of games. We are talking to several publishers about providing some small prizes and incentives.

    Important Dates
    • 16/10/2014 Player registration closes for most sessions
    • 17/10/2014 FG Con 5 begins!
    • 19/10/2014 FG Con 5 finishes

    All interested GMs and Players can register for FG Con 5 now by visiting the website and choosing Login -> Register. That way you will also receive our FG Con newsletter and any FG Con updates by email.

    For any one thinking about running a session as a GM at FG Con 5 feel free to drop us an email with any questions you might have:
    [email protected]

    Keep reading here -FG Con 5 Dates Announced
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