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Buildings Suitable for Fantasy Style Gameplay?

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  • GCoyote
    You might also want to ask in the modelling forum.

    Good Luck!

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  • Arnold J Rimmer
    I don't play minis, but I've seen paper terrain from Fat Dragon being used that looked pretty good.

    That assumes you are willing to use paper structures.

    These are sold as pdfs; you print & build as needed.

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  • Buildings Suitable for Fantasy Style Gameplay?

    I'm looking for recommendations for an affordable source of buildings for miniatures on the 25mm to 30mm scale. I want something that would be suitable for fantasy skirmish gaming - so either buildings that are specifically built for that, or Middle Ages/Dark Ages style buildings that could fit into a fantasy environment.

    I've been looking at the stuff produced by 4Ground - which I like - but I'd ideally like something more fantasy-looking, or at least with a stone wall appearance, rather than Tudor style. Games Workshop Warhammer buildings are a bit over-the-top for the sort of thing I want.

    Any ideas?

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