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Updated Armchair Brigade GBACW Standard Rules

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  • Updated Armchair Brigade GBACW Standard Rules

    The Armchair Brigade's variant GBACW rules set was intended to provide a uniform set of rules not only for the GBACW titles published by SPI and TSR, but also for the five games which featured the "Turn Continuation Table" (TCT) mechanism for regulating formation & unit activation. The Armchair Brigade's IGO-UGO approach was much closer to the SPI original than it was to the TCT version.

    Until just recently this variant was unavailable, having been replaced in 2007 by one significantly different, which dropped fire phases and unit facing, and adopted "sticky" EZOCs. But now the previous variant is back in a slightly edited form. It is called simply the "Standard Rules" and can be found posted on the Armchair Brigade web site in PDF format.

    Most of the edits were simple corrections or semi-cosmetic in nature, but a few were more substantial.

    Registration on the Armchair Brigade site is free. Those who register automatically receive rules updates. The Armchair Brigade would welcome any comments on the restored GBACW Standard Rules. Just as welcome would be After Action Reports for games played using these rules.

    Those interested will also find the 2007 Standard Rules version posted to the same site.

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