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Raid on St Nazaire

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  • Raid on St Nazaire

    I played ROSN over the past weekend. I tried a scenario I called "The Deception Holds".
    In this scenario, the Germans are fooled long enough for the raiding force to get in much closer to the landing areas.
    The first turn starts with the naval movement phase. Then covering fire by the Naval force, then Dockside Defensive fire.

    During the first turn, The Sperbrecher was sunk by torpedoes. Wynns boat moves to zone D.
    Ryder goes to Zne C.
    Nock, Boyd and Irwin move to Zone A to torpedo the Sperbrecher.
    The rest move to Zone B

    Covering fire takes eliminates the gun at 336.

    Dockside fire sinks wynn and Irwin, and forces several other boats to turn away or turn away.

    All turn away/evade counters are kept through the end of turn 2.

    Harbor defense fire sets fire to beart and Stephans boat explodes in the river, killing all on board.

    Covering fire disrupts one of the guns in flak tower adjacent to the Northern caisson.

    Dockside fire again causes some boats to evade, but a large number of Commandos are landed. The Cambletown hits the caisson at speed two.

    Newman lands, as do Moss and Woodcock.

    All of the commandos scheduled for 336 but walton and Wilson land

    Very suprisingly, the bulk of the boats lost (12incl Cambeltown) are lost after the commandos land.

    All of the primary targets are destroyed. A viscious firefight by the swing bridges results in the targets destroyed but very heavy commando casualties.

    Total VP 73. Only very lucky die rolls in the begining allowed a large number of Commandos to get ashore. Most of the Dockside fire/harbor defense fire for the first two turns were either misses or resulted in mostly 'evade' results.

    A fun variant a one of the few victories I've had in the game.

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    Is this the 1980s game you played?
    "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier" - Samuel Johnson

    "Kerls, wollt ihr denn ewig leben?"


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      yes the Avalon Hill Game


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