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ASL - WO Bonus Pack #2. 60% of proceeds to WWII Foundation

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  • ASL - WO Bonus Pack #2. 60% of proceeds to WWII Foundation

    ASL Winter Offensive 2012 Bonus Pack #3 is a small scenario bundle (three scenarios) with two special "double-wide" geomorphic maps which are specifically designed for use with Advanced Squad Leader. These two maps are designed to be geomorphic on three sides, and match up to each other on one long edge providing a large village playing area.

    MMP has an ulterior motive, however, for the manufacture and sales of this particular product. 60% of the sales of each WO Bonus Pack 2012 are donated to the WWII Foundation. You get a nice set of new maps and three more ASL scenarios and a great project dedicated to memorializing the efforts of the men who fought in WWII get a very nice donation. This really seems like a win/win in our opinion.
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    Might be worth it not only for the "cause" but to get those 2 maps. Been dying to try out the newest "double-wide" maps.
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