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When cowardice leads to victory!

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  • When cowardice leads to victory!

    I was playing an Avalon Hill/Smithsonian Institute version of Battle of the Bulge. After several days of trying to shove the Big Red One and I think the 3rd Armored out of an entrenched forest fighting position, I noticed he was thin in the rear and decided it and bypassed the town Big Red was defending for a lightly guarded 3 victory point town in the rear. Well those two took off in pursuit of me and my opponent also peeled off some divisions from the south to give chase. The 1st Inf and 3rd Arm picked off one of my weaker rear units and I suddenly realized I was in serious danger of getting cut off. So I wheeled the panzers around intending to shoot my way back to the starting line to try for a different approach. This massive u-turn carried a rude surprise. Since the Big Red 1 and the 3rd had abandoned their entrenchments and left the forest to pursue me they were now being counter-attacked in the big wide open.

    BR1 wound up getting encircled and annihilated while the 3rd took 50% losses as they fled back to the woods.

    The game is still in progress but that just struck me as a funny event. A ballsier commander might have gambled for grabbing the town before the supply lines get cut and having a formidable, if out of gas, unit holding some victory points the allied player is going to need back. But because I was afraid of getting cut off I wheeled around and the allied player winds up losing some key fighters and now is poised to lose the north.

    A victory worthy of Brave Sir Robin.

    A new life awaits you in the off world colonies; the chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

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