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Escalation league for Early War Flames of War

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  • Escalation league for Early War Flames of War

    Title: Escalation league

    Date: 2nd & last Saturday of each month and /or Thursdays weekly!
    Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm thusdays 4pm till 10pm
    Street: 96 Twiss lane
    City State Zip: Hollis NH 03049

    The focus behind running an escalation league is to have you slowly build your armies so everyone has time to assemble and paint their forces. An escalation league also allows the players to play test their armies so they can make wiser purchases and understand what their armies need most. Feel free to adjust the points or timelines but we have provided a sample schedule for you to better understand the setup. Keep in mind that any player at any time during the escalation league can alter their army list provided they stay within the rules established. This allows the players flexibility in developing their army lists.
    Based on the needs of the store and its customers you can establish your own timeline but here is a sample schedule. We will culminate the escalation league with a National Tournament qualifier or just a friendly tournament. You’ll decide its your league!
    Sept. –Oct. (600 Points)
    Nov.- Dec. (1000 Points)
    Jan Feb. - (1500 Points)

    The 2nd Sat. of the month- will focus on list building, Play-testing, and low key events with prize support being given away at random so the focus can be on playing lots of games.

    The last Sat. of the month- will focus on Painting modeling and how to clinics on painting, dry brushing, terrain building, and basing your models, feel free to bring your paint, brushes, clippers, files, and glue with you. And of course bring your models to work on and to game with, as you’re also welcome to play on these days also.

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    Fun and good luck with that.

    I used to live near Nashua. Wish I could join you.
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